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Chipotle Menu Hacks

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August 28, 2018 · 2.9k Views

All diehard and casual Chipotle fans rejoice! Keep your wallet, and stomach, full with these great menu hacks. From cheaper items to secret menu concoctions, we'll help you fulfill your next burrito binge.  

Looking for your nearest Chipotle? Find it here.

BOGO Free Burrito

Get more burrito for your buck by ordering a bowl, doubling everything, and requesting free tortillas on the side! Boom--2 burritos for the price of 1!

Free Tacos

Want free tacos along with your burrito? Simply order a burrito bowl and free taco shells on the side! Now you can stuff those taco shells with as much fixings as your heart desires. Plus, ordering tacos this way guarantees soggy tacos are a thing of the past!

Bigger Portion, Smaller Bill

Getting half and half of 2 meats gives you more portion than if you just order 1. But keep in mind that you will be charged for the more expensive meat. This same logic can also be applied to beans and rice. Order 2 types of beans and/or rice to increase your meal (and not your bill total)!

Fajita Vegetables & Corn Salsa

Looking to spice up your burrito or add some extra weight for free? Fajita vegetables and corn salsa are always free to add!

Extra Cilantro or No Cilantro At All

Love cilantro? Add all the extra cilantro you want! However, don’t like cilantro? You can request rice with no cilantro in it.

Free Guac

Veggie burritos and vegetarian meals come with free guac. Opt for one of these meatless options to indugle your guac desire! Now that's guac-esome!

More Even Mix

Tired of uneven burrito ingredients? Ensure an equal bite by requesting for your ingredients to be mixed in before your burrito is folded.

Kids' Meal

Can’t finish an entire adult burrito bowl? Opt for the kids’ menu instead! You pay 50% less, and the only difference is that instead of getting free unlimited fillings, you'll get 2 fillings instead.

Secret Menu Items

Feeling adventurous? Try one of the following secret menu concoctions:

  • Quesarito - a burrito with a cheese quesadilla shell instead of a plain tortilla

  • Burritodilla - a quesadilla stuffed like a burrito

  • Double-Decker Taco - a taco inside a cheese taco (talk about taco-ception)

  • Nachos - get all your favorite fixings layered on a pile of chips!

Free Chips & Guac

Get free guac and chips with your first order through the mobile app (when available).

Additional Ways to Save

Purchase discounted gift cards from Raise.com whenever they’re on sale to get up to 8% off your total! Also, take the survey at the end of your receipt for a chance to win free burritos for a year!

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Which menu hack is your favorite? And do you have other ways you save at Chipotle? Leave us a comment below!

jasmine617Oct 16, 2018
Look and hungary
NotbadAug 28, 2018
Why now? I could have got so many free burritos & tacos... :)
berrygreatAug 30, 2018
It's never too late to try these hacks out :)
SweetLemonAug 28, 2018
I love Chipotle! Thanks for the tips, now I'll head over for a Quesarito 😋
berrygreatAug 30, 2018
Me too! You're welcome!

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