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Chipotle to Open Up Tasty Made Burger Restaurant

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April 01, 2016 · 4.1k Views



Source: The Country Caller

UPDATE 7/28/2016

Chipotle previously abandoned their claim on "Better Burger" and recently announced their plans to open a burger restaurant in Lancaster, Ohio. This new burger restaurant from the company will be called "Tasty Made" coming this Fall 2017. Tasty Made will be like a clone of your local In-N-Out boasting high quality ingredients like all natural beef, fresh made buns with no preservatives and so on. Classic offers include fresh cut french fries and milkshakes.

Would you eat at Tasty Made?

They already have a pizza chain (Pizzeria Locale) and a Southeast Asian food chain (ShopHouse) but is Chipotle looking to open up their own burger chain?

Chipotle filed for a trademark on “Better Burger” on Wednesday March 11 and Chris Arnold, spokesman for Chipotle confirmed that they are considering going the burger route as a part of their business diversification strategy. Bloomberg was the first to report this news and they have Arnold’s e-mail explanation stating:

“It’s a growth seed idea we are exploring...We have two non-Chipotle growth seeds open now -- ShopHouse and Pizzeria Locale -- and have noted before that the Chipotle model could be applied to a wide variety of foods.”

We can certainly see how the Chipotle model (healthy and quality ingredients made customizable) can find success as burger business. In an effort to drive more foot traffic to the store and ensure customer loyalty, the chain has previously offered free burrito coupons and is still currently running a free food promotion to last through April 10, 2016.

This news of a burger chain venture could be another answer to the loss the Mexican Grill company has seen following the investigation on their foodborne illness issue. As of February, the CDC announced the E. coli outbreak is over. However, it is an ongoing crisis as Chipotle recently closed a location in Billerica, Massachusetts after a team member was diagnosed with norovirus. Again, this follows after the massive norovirus case from back in January when Chipotle was slapped with a lawsuit. The lawsuit claimed that the chain attempted to conceal the norovirus outbreak which affected at least 234 customers.

Chipotle posted its first quarterly loss recently and you can learn more about this over at

What do you make of Chipotle’s move into the burger business?


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