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Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

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October 17, 2015 · 2.2k Views

(Melissa is a guest blogger from Thirty Something Super Mom.)

Halloween is right around the corner and these fun Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies are the perfect way to celebrate. They are so much fun to make and the best part is they are super easy! The kids would love to help create these festive treats and I know everyone will enjoy eating them!

All you will need to make these Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Cookies is:

1 sleeve of Ritz Crackers (about 34 crackers)

Small Pretzel Sticks (you will need 136 pretzel sticks for 17 cookies)

Chocolate Almond Bark (to make 17 cookies you will need 3 squares of Almond Bark)

Peanut Butter (about a half of a cup)

Candy Eyeballs (You will need 34 Eyeballs for 17 Cookies)

Parchment Paper


  1. Spread peanut butter onto crackers and place another cracker on top. The peanut butter should help hold the top and bottom crackers together. Continue spreading peanut butter on crackers and adding the tops until you have used all of the crackers.
  2. Melt chocolate almond bark in the microwave according to the package, it usually takes about 60 seconds to get the perfect consistency. If your chocolate begins to harden before you are finished making the cookies, you can pop it back in the microwave for about 10 seconds and it should return to a more workable consistency.
  3. Dip the peanut butter crackers into the melted chocolate ensuing the entire cookies are covered. Place on parchment paper. Dip the pretzel sticks into the chocolate and stick them into the sides of each cookie, 4 on each side. They should easily poke through the peanut butter and stay in place.
  4. Add eight “legs” to each cookie and place the candy eyes on top of the chocolate dipped cookies. If your chocolate had hardened around the cookies before adding the eyeballs, dip the bottoms of the candy eyeballs in the chocolate again before sticking to the cookie.
  5. Leave the cookies on parchment paper until the chocolate hardens, this takes about 15-20 minutes.

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!


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Melissa is always cooking up delicious recipes over at Thirtysomethingsupermom.com, a great resource for everything food, fun, and family.She lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and shares her perspective on how to be a super mom.

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