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12 Companies That Are Giving Away Free Products to Test

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
August 27, 2016 · 11k Views

Who doesn’t love free samples? You get to try a product before you buy. And even if you have tried and bought the product you’re testing, it always feels good to get something for free.

Source: lorealusa.com

Would you want to receive free products on a regular basis? Many companies offer free samples to try out. For some of these companies, you might have to leave reviews in order to receive more products. For others, you simply receive products just by signing up.

Not all companies are legitimate, though. Some want you to purchase something before you receive any samples. They may require that you sign up and enter a bunch of personal information. Which companies are legit – the ones you should do business with – and which ones should be avoided? Read on to discover a dozen different companies you should contact so you can start product testing.

Free products are great, but they're not guaranteed. If you still want to try the products, head over to our coupon pages for Amazon, Walmart, Target, Nike, and 6PM first so you can save on your purchases and get alerts on sales and promotions.

  1. Minute Rice 

    Source: hairsprayandhighheels.net
    If you love rice, sign up to become a product tester at Minute Rice. Join their Riceipe Club® and you’ll receive free products you can try, as well as coupons and other special discounts. Click here to sign up.
  2. Marie Claire

    Source: mynewestaddiction.com
    If you’re a girly girl who’s into fashion and enjoys trying new things, sign up for Marie Claire’s Velvet Rope Club. This exclusive society allows women to express their opinions on everything from lipstick to handbags. You’ll also receive information about sweepstakes, special offers, and more. Click here to sign up.
  3. Vogue

    Source: vogue.co.uk
    Here’s another opportunity for fashionistas. You can sign up to join the Vogue Insiders Community to test fashion and beauty products for free. Many of these products have not even hit the market yet, so sign up here, score some free stuff and share your opinions about your favorite brands.
  4. Influenster

    Source: itsuxtobefat.com
    Sign up and discover more than a million products for you to try out. Categories include healthcare, beauty, food and beverages, pets, home, electronics, and more. Click here to join.
  5. PINCHme

    Source: dealseekingmom.com
    PINCHme offers free samples on a monthly basis. First, fill out a questionnaire so that PINCHme can find out what types of samples you’d like. You’ll receive emails letting you known when you can get your free samples. Choose the ones you want and they’ll be shipped. Fill out a short review and you’ll be eligible for more samples the following month. Click here to sign up and start receiving invitations to receive free samples.
  6. Tide

    Source: torontoteachermom.com
    Answer the questions found here and you may be able to receive free products from Tide.
  7. L’Oreal

    Source: alllacqueredup.com
    If you’re age 18 or older who lives in the United States, you have the opportunity to test products for beauty brand L’Oreal. While the brand has testing sites in Illinois, Ohio, and New Jersey, you have the opportunity to test products at home. L’Oreal is looking for people to test hair care products, cosmetics, skincare products, and sun care products. Click here to get started.
  8. Nike

    Source: mashable.com via Nike
    If you’re an athlete who uses Nike footwear or apparel, sign up to become a tester. The guidelines and timelines are very strict, however. You must follow a schedule and perform various activities while wearing the shoes or apparel. This is a deal breaker for some, but you must return the product when you’re done with the test. You cannot keep it. If this still interests you, click here to sign up.
  9. Swaggable

    Source: anothermomanotherblog13.blogspot.com
    Sign up to review cool new products for free. Browse the site to find products and categories you’re interested in. You’ll receive emails when new products are available for you to test. Accept the offers as soon as you can and your product will be shipped out. You’ll receive it within two weeks. Try it and write a review. Click here to sign up.
  10. BetaBound

    Source: betabound.com
    This company allows you to test products that are in their beta stages and not yet available in stores. Review products from companies such as Dell, Apple, Yahoo!, Kodak, T-Mobile, and more. So if you want to get in on the ground floor on some cool technology products, click here and sign up for beta tests of items that interest you.
  11. Crowdtap

    Source: blog.crowdtap.com
    By review products and performing other missions, you can earn points and free samples. The more you participate, the more you can earn. You can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards. Click here to sign up and start earning points, free samples and more.
  12. In-Home Product Testing

    Source: post-gazette.com
    If you enjoy trying new products, are at least 18 years old and live in the continental United States, sign up to receive products from In-Home Product Testing. By becoming a panel member, you can test products in your home and share your opinions. These consumer products are from grocery stores, home improvement stores, electronic stores, drugstores, and more. Click here to sign up and start testing.


As you can see, product testing can be a fun and lucrative opportunity. While you won’t get rich doing it, you’ll have the opportunity to test a variety of products – sometimes even before they go on the market. You can test out shoes, toys, baby products, beauty products and more. In some cases, you may receive gift cards for participating as well. Sign up for several of the companies above and enjoy your free products.

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