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12 Costco Items That Will Make Your $55 Membership Worth It

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August 19, 2016 · 152k Views

You may be hesitating from getting a membership to Costco because of the price. What you won’t find out until you go there is that there are several bargain buys that will definitely help offset the cost of a membership, making it totally worthwhile to get.

This warehouse store offers food and supplies in bulk that are often cheaper than getting it from the regular grocery or big box store. While not everything that Costco sells is a deal, we’ve compiled some of the best buys the store has to offer. Stock up on these items and you will be sure to get your money’s worth out of your membership.

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  1. Nuts
    If you haven’t noticed, nuts of any kind are expensive and this is an item that really pays off at Costco. Sold in large bulk packages, the nuts you find at Costco come out cheaper per pound than you will find at other retailers. Plus, you’ll be able to get a larger quantity, where others sell them in small packages at a higher price

    Costco Nuts

    Image Source: Albanese Candy
  2. Olive Oil
    This is another high dollar item at the grocery store that you can get a good discount on at Costco. While you’re there, stock up on its 2-liter bottles of olive oil. Sold for around $15, the olive oil is a fraction of what you’ll pay at a grocery store for the same amount. Plus, the large volume its sold in will mean you don’t have to buy it for a while.

    Costco Olive Oil

    Source: The Sleuth Journal
  3. Printer Ink
    Everyone knows that printer ink can be a rip off for how long it lasts and what it costs. Costco offers toner in a bulk pack of five at a price that works out to getting one cartridge for free. It’s a good idea to pick up one of these ink packs as it will last you awhile and save you money at the same time.

    Costco Ink

    Source: Toner Parts Blog
  4. Soda
    Get brand name soda at Costco in bulk for quite a bit cheaper than you would at a grocery store. The soda at Costco is typically sold in packs of 32 cans for under $15. This is considerably cheaper than what you would pay at another retailer. Plus, you get a large volume, which is great if you are a big soda drinker.
    Pro Tip: Learn how you can shop at Costco wtihout a membership card.

    Costco Soda

    Source: Medical Daily
  5. Produce
    If you love fruit, Costco is for you. If has really good quality fruit at low prices and in bulk. Berries are a great place to save and will make your membership cost worthwhile. Costco offers its berries in large bulk containers that about twice the size you will see at any grocery store. The price that goes along with this volume of fruit is a bargain and should definitely be taken advantage of.

    Costco Fruits

    Source: LA Fitness Blog
  6. Paper Products
    Bulk paper products are the way to go at Costco. The cost per piece always works out cheaper for toilet paper, paper towels, and other paper goods that it is a good investment. You won’t need to buy these for a while based on how many come in a pack and you will also save some money in the process.

    Costco Toilet Paper

    Source: USA Today
  7. Dog Food
    If you’re not extremely picky about the brand of food you buy for your dog, Costco’s dog food is a steal. It is usually half the price then sold at pet stores and is sold in large bulk bags that last for some time. This is a good item to help justify your Costco membership.

    Costco Dog Food

    Source: Tiny Dog
  8. Cheese
    While you may not think you need as much cheese as Costco’s packages pack, it can be separated and froze for when you need it. You end up saving and always will have cheese on hand. Plus, cheese can be pricey in grocery stores so this is a good way to stock up and save for several months of use.
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    Costco Cheese

    Source: SF.funcheap.com
  9. Rotisserie Chicken
    This item is a bargain buy that you can’t pass up. Costco runs special deals on its rotisserie chickens, offering them two for $5 often. This is a deal as grocery stores typically sell one for that price. This is a quick dinner option at a great price.

    Costco Rotisserie Chicken

    Source: Nutrition Over Easy
  10. Gas
    If you are lucky enough to have a gas station at your neighborhood Costco, use it to get gas. Gas is typically 10 to 20 cents cheaper than you will see at the nearby gas station, saving you some cash when you fill up. This can reduce your fuel bill each month and help to recoup your membership cost.

    Costco Gas

    Source: Press Herald
  11. Gym Membership
    You can get a gym membership to 24 Hour Fitness at a discount through Costco. Costing you around $17 a month, the same membership through the gym will cost you $29.99, saving you about $5. You will have to pay for a year or two upfront, but overall the savings will be there and is worth the investment you will make in a Costco membership.

    Costco Gym

    Source: Free Icons Png
  12. Travel
    Costco has a whole travel center dedicated to giving its members deals on cruises and other vacation packages. Priced at incredible discounts, these travel packages often come with a Costco Cash Card that you can use to buy merchandise in its store, making the deal even sweeter. For your next vacation think about booking with Costco to save some dough.

    Costco Travel

    Source: Disability Horizons


A membership at Costco will not go to waste as there are several ways to recoup the $55 yearly fee by the additional savings you will get on its products. Stock up on these items and you are sure to see more money in your pocketbook after shopping at Costco, making a membership worthwhile after all.




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Dawn is a Milwaukee-based freelance writer that is a self-confessed shopaholic - always on the lookout for a great deal. She loves food, travel and binging on Netflix. She has a background in marketing and worked as editor-in-chief of a monthly magazine. Currently, she focuses her time on crafting copy that her followers love to read.
asrymszaAug 24, 2016
Math is off on the Gym Membership - "Costing you around $17 a month, the same membership through the gym will cost you $29.99, saving you about $5. "

$29.99 - $17 = $12.99 savings, not $5 :)
yzeguy1Aug 22, 2016
WHAT PLANET IS THIS WRITER FROM? There are plenty of good reasons to shop at Costco, but most of the ones she listed are either FLAT OUT WRONG or potentially wrong. Soda and paper goods are almost ALWAYS cheaper at the supermarket, especially when they go on sale, and even more so when you have coupons, which Costco doesn't accept.
As for buying nuts/berries/olive oil in bulk, unless you are going to be able to use the product up before it goes bad/expires IT'S NOT A GOOD VALUE! Duh!
Instead of advising people to buy large quantities of food in bulk, this self confessed "shopaholic" ought to be focusing on giving common sense advice rather than "crafting (worthless) copy"!
Jenny2005Aug 22, 2016
Hearing Aids! Dawn I would like to add another one Hearing Aids! You wouldn't think about it but they have premium digital hearing aids for around 1,800-2,600 a Pair vs 5,500-6,500 a pair. Huge Savings Totaly worth it!!
blz4446Aug 21, 2016
The sodas are extremely expensive. I don't pay more than $6 a case. I can get 48 cans for $12...
scorpion650Aug 19, 2016
Thanks for the info, Dawn.

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