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Costco Members Can Shop for Free at Sam's Club Until July 4th

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June 27, 2016 · 56.2k Views

From now until the end of Monday, July 4th, all Costco Membership Cardholders can shop at Sam's Club for free. Yup, your free ticket into Sam's Club is your Costco Membership Card. This offer is valid at all U.S. locations - not valid online. 

What a nifty response from Sam's Club to the recent Costco Citi Visa card fiasco! Those who are still struggling to use their Costco Citi Visa cards in-store can rejoice since they'll find no issue whatsoever picking up their weekly bulk items at Sam's Club. Are you going to drop by your local Sam's Club and give it a trial run?

If you happen to like your experience at Sam's Club and want to make an official switch... you're also in luck. You can get a 1-year Sam's Club membership which also includes a free $10 eGift card as well as $100 in added savings for just $25. This offer is available for a limited time at Livingsocial only.

Costco members, will you be taking advantage of this unique offer? Let us know in the comments below!



dtran5 profile picture
Daisy loves to write with humor and can be quite the sarcastic commentator when it is appropriate. Loves carbs, fashion, staying active, and pinning the latest DIY projects for her room (which she will actually never do).
DanielleN11Jul 02, 2016
FedEx up with Costco? No way! I have no problem with my new cards and back when I lived an hour away from Costco I tried Sam's Club for a year and I hated it! It was worth the hour drive to Costco!
BluSkyGreenGrassJun 29, 2016
daaaannnggg Sam's Club throwin' shade!!
TwobagJun 27, 2016
Costco's great!
TLWisnerJun 27, 2016
I have not had any problem with my Costco Visa card. I am happily a former Sam's member since we got a Costco two years ago. The rude employees and dirty Sam's store was not impressive and those are not issues at Costco. Just my experience - I prefer to support a company that treats their employees like valued humans.
FschustJun 27, 2016
This is a great deal...

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