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12 Creative Galentine’s Day Gifts To Make For Your Friends

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Kate MurphyGuest Blogger
February 11, 2017 · 2.1k Views

creative galentine's day gifts to make for friends

Many of us have a complicated relationship with Valentine’s Day. It’s the holiday that celebrates couples in love. But if you are single, well then, there’s nothing in it for you. We’re here to do away with this very limited view. It’s 2017 after all. There are different kinds of love and the love you have for your friends is a very special kind. You confide in, trust, and look to them for encouragement and unwavering support. Do something different this Valentine’s Day. Let your closest friends know how much they mean to you by surprising them with a Galentine's Day gift. And is there anything more sincere and heartfelt than something you made yourself?

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heart icon Sugar Cookies with Love Notes

sugar cookies with love notes

Image Source: Country Living

Make the sweetest gesture by giving your dearest friends sugar cookies decorated with meaningful expressions handwritten by you! Using Gourmet Writer Food Decorator Pens (Set of 10 for $15.98 at Amazon.com), write a favorite quote, line from a beloved poem, or a joke that only you two would get. Visit Countryliving.com for complete tutorial and sugar cookie recipe.


heart icon Stamped Tea Towels

stamped tea towels

Image Source: Damask Love

This easy DIY project lets you make beautiful tea towels that rival expensive versions sold in stores like Anthropologie and West Elm. All you need are flour sack tea towels, craft stamps, and ink (try VersaCraft Fabric ink for $5.96 at Amazon.com). Be sure to the wash tea towels before stamping – this allows the ink to permanently bond. Decorate the towels using stamps with designs inspired by your friend’s passions and interests. Stamps can be found at any craft store – Michael’s has a great selection. Visit Damasklove.com for full tutorial.


heart icon DIY Photo Coasters

diy photo coasters

Image Source: Beauty and Bedlam

Here’s a DIY gift that is both practical and thoughtful – photo coasters that remember the most cherished moments of your friendship. You will need a paint brush, Modge Podge decoupage glue, Modge Podge clear acrylic sealer, felt pads, and white tiles – supplies can be found at a nearby craft store and hardware store. Visit Beautyandbedlam.com for step-by-step instructions.


heart icon Hand-Painted Vases

hand-painted vases

Image Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Flowers are a given on Valentine’s Day. Make the gift of a floral arrangement extra special by presenting it in a beautiful vase that you made! We love the cool, modern vibe of these vases that use puffy paint for decorative texture. For the project, you will need a glass vase, glass paint, puffy paint, and clear sealant. And fresh cut flowers of course! Visit Greenweddingshoes.com for step-by-step instructions.


heart icon DIY Dream Catcher

diy dream catcher

Image Source: Mokkasin.blogspot.com

In Native American culture, the dream catcher offers protection from negative dreams while letting positive dreams pass through. Is there a better gift to give than a peaceful night’s sleep? Supplies very depending on your design, but you’ll need the basics to get started: a craft hoop, feathers, yarn or twine, and craft glue. We love this modern take on the dream catcher (see tutorial at Envato.com). Visit Heyletakestuff.com for more design ideas.


heart icon DIY Bubble Bath Gift Box

diy bubble bath gift box

Image Source: The Effortless Chic

Chocolate, wine, and soap are great gifts on their own. Put them together to make this lovely DIY Bubble Bath Gift Box for an overworked friend who is in some serious need of relaxation. You’ll need the fundamentals: a bottle of wine, chocolate bar, bath salts (or any bath gel or oil), candle, and small box of matches. Put the items in a nice box filled with crinkle cut craft paper. Check a local craft store like Jo-Ann for a box if you don’t have one on hand. Finish by wrapping the box with an elegant ribbon. Visit Theeffortlesschic.com for full tutorial.


heart icon DIY Chalkboard Cheese Stone

diy chalkboard cheese stone

Image Source: Frankie Hearts Fashion

This is the perfect gift idea for the friend who loves cheese above all else! To make a chalkboard cheese stone, you’ll need a slate tile, chalkboard paint and a foam brush. Using the foam brush, apply two coats of paint to the slate (let first coat dry before applying the second). What good is a bare cheese stone? Be sure to pick up some delicious cheeses and accompanying snacks before presenting the gift to your friend. Visit Frankieheartsfashion.com for full tutorial.


heart icon DIY Crystal Knob Boxes

diy crystal knob boxes

Image Source: Homey Oh My

Small boxes to store the tiny things we treasure like four leaf clovers, fortune cookie fortunes, or a movie stub from a first date are always welcome. And we especially love these DIY boxes with tops that are decorated with dazzling crystals. Materials needed for the project can be found at a craft store and include small wooden boxes, white acrylic paint, a foam brush, gloss varnish, E6000 glue, and crystals. If the craft store doesn’t have crystals, check jewelry supply stores, specialty shops, and even children’s toy stores. Visit Homeyohmy.com for step-by-step guide.


heart icon Favorite Candy Mason Jar

diy animal mason jar

Image Source: Three Little Monkeys Studio

Your friendship goes way back and you can list your bestie’s favorite candy without hesitation. Skip the generic holiday themed chocolates this Valentine’s Day and put together a Mason jar filled with your friend’s best-loved treats. There are no rules with this one because all you want to do is make their sweet tooth happy! Finish by adding a cute label and ribbon and voilá! For more ideas, check out Pinterest, or find this DIY Animal Mason Jars tutorial at Threelittlemonkeystudio.com.


heart icon DIY Sangria Kit

diy sangria kit

Image Source: Fantabulosity

Take the Valentine’s Day gift of booze to the next level with this clever DIY Sangria Kit. The key to making this gift just right is finding a good drink dispenser that also doubles as a package for the ingredients (Walmart has some great options). Simply stock the dispenser with the essentials – a bottle of red or white wine, fruit, and wooden spoon and wrap with a pretty bow. See full tutorial at Fantabulosity.com.


heart icon Homemade Extracts

homemade extracts

Image Source: Akshayapaatram

Your serious foodie friend will love these homemade extracts that can be used to enhance many baking recipes. To get started, you’ll need a nice glass bottle with a lid or cork and vodka (distilled, 80-100 proof). Next add the ingredients to flavor the extract such as vanilla beans, orange, lemon, or berries. Visit Akshayapaatram.com for step-by-step instructions.


heart icon DIY Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

diy coconut lime sugar scrub

Image Source: The Idea Room

Everyone’s skin can use a little extra love during winter. To make this luxurious DIY Coconut Lime Scrub, you will need coconut oil, granulated white sugar, essential lime oil, shredded coconut, and a cute jar. Be warned, the scrub smells good enough to eat! For full tutorial and access to printable labels, visit Theidearoom.com.


What would you do you without your friends? This Valentine’s Day, channel your inner crafter by making gifts that show how much you love and appreciate them.

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diy valentine's day gifts


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Kate Murphy is a native of Pennsylvania. After receiving a degree in art history, she moved to New York City to test the waters. She enjoys writing about art, culture, fashion, design, and travel. In addition to writing, Kate works with artists, leads, street art tours, and moonlights as an illustrator.

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