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DealsPlus 101: New and Old Features

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March 06, 2019 · 1.2k Views


DealsPlus is an online community of couponers looking to find and share the next best deal. With a variety of new and old features we've created an interactive plaform aimed towards providing you with content that you are interested in! From customizable tags to  following specific stores, you are in control of what you want to see.

Below we've outlined the key features on DealsPlus that you can utlize to save time and money. For an in-depth look at each feature, click each link in the sub-heading. 

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at Support@dealsplus.com at anytime.


Key DealsPlus Features

Table of Contents:

  1. Subscribing to the Emailer
  2. New Coupon Page
  3. New Deals Page
  4. TBA


1. Subscribing to the Emailer

Ever wonder about the benefits of subscribing to stores on DealsPlus? Here they are:

  • Less Email Clutter - get alerts from all of your favorite stores in one nicely packaged email 
  • Great Offers Only - you’ll only get emails when your subscribed stores have great offers
  • Easy to Unsubscribe - simply unsubscribe from any store to stop receiving notifications from that store

Checkout this YouTube video on creating an account and subscribing to emails:

2. New Coupon Page

We recently updated our coupon page to better show coupons that you would be interested in. Now you can sort coupons by the stores that you're subscribed to, which means you can customize your page to your liking. Want to see coupons from all stores instead? Simply click the "Sort by"  toggle in the top right corner of the page to see every available coupon. 

We've also broken the coupon page up into 7 different categories. They are as follows:

  • Trending: the hottest coupons, no matter when they were added.
  • Hot & Fresh: hottest coupons added within the last day.
  • Today Only & Last Day: coupons valid for today only, or coupons expiring today.
  • Sitewide Steals: coupons valid sitewide (what a steal!)
  • Printables: coupons valid in-store only, either print these out or show on your phone.
  • Free Shipping: coupons that give you free shipping on all orders.
  • Best of the Month: coupons with the best average clicks per day for the current month.

Want to learn more about the new coupon page? Checkout this YouTube video.


3. New Deals Page

We've also revamped the deals page with seven different categories aimed towards displaying the hottest deals available! See those seven catgories below.

  • Best of the Week: most popular offers from the last week.
  • Heating Up: new hot deals steadily rising to the top.
  • Fresh: brand new deals no matter the amount of clicks or views.
  • Today Only & Last Day: all the most popular deals ending today (either expiring today or available one day only).
  • Freebies: you got it! You won't have to pay single cent for these deals.
  • Dining Out & Grocery: the best recent food deals, whether from your favorite restaurant or grocery store.
  • Travel & Entertainment: like movies, traveling or other forms of entertainment? This is the section for you!

On the right side of each category you will see a “See more” button. Click that link for whichever category you would like to see more of!

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The DealsPlus Staff is a team of savvy deal hunters who are here to share their best shopping and lifestyle advice.
BurnsENov 28, 2020
should update this post with the new added features and new look of DP ! Great post 👍

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