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5 Delicious Ways to Use Every Last Bit of Peanut Butter in the Jar

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
August 14, 2016 · 2.5k Views

Peanut butter is such a delicious food. Sadly, it doesn’t last forever. No matter how big of a jar you buy, sooner or later you’re left with just a bit of peanut butter at the bottom of the jar. It’s not easy to get out, either. You could spend an hour scraping it out. You could cut the jar in half (if it’s a plastic jar) and get everything out easier that way.

Source: The Frugal Girl

But maybe you don’t have time for all that, so you quickly spoon out what you can. It’s not enough for a sandwich, but you don’t want to waste it, so what do you do? You simply pop it into your mouth and you open a new jar.

While peanut butter is good enough to eat on its own, there are other things you could be doing with it once you reach the bottom of the jar. Looking for some funny (and yummy) ways to finish off the last bits of the peanut butter? Make the most of your nearly empty jar of peanut butter with these fun and easy recipes.

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  1. Peanut butter hot chocolate. This yummy treat is like a hot Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Squeeze some chocolate syrup into the peanut butter jar. Warm up some milk and pour it over the top. Stir the mixture thoroughly. You can add some mini marshmallows for an effect. Alternately, you can add powdered cocoa and sugar to the jar, add the milk and then shake the jar vigorously. Either way, you’ll love the always-delicious combination of chocolate and peanut butter. Plus, it’s a lot more fun that simply scooping out the peanut butter and throwing away the jar.

     Source: How to Make Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate by Food 52 via Vimeo
  2. Use as a sundae bowl. Add some ice cream to the nearly empty jar and add your favorite toppings. Get a long spoon and dig in! As you eat the sundae, you’ll naturally remove the peanut butter from the sides of the jar.

    Source: Land O Lakes
  3. Peanut butter and chocolate snack mix. This recipe is known to be very addicting, so don’t overdo it. I know it can be hard, but use moderation, please! Start with a few tablespoons of semi-sweet chocolate chips, Toss them in the jar and microwave them for 20 seconds. Stir and continue microwaving for 20-second intervals until the chocolate chips are melted. Add a cup of rice cereal and place the lid back on the jar. Shake until all the cereal is covered. Remove the lid and add ¼ cup confectioner’s sugar. Put the lid back on and shake again. Final step: Enjoy!

    Source: Cake Spy
  4. Overnight oats. Now that we’re done making you salivate with the desserts, it’s on to some healthier options. Overnight oats is a great way to remove the peanut butter from the jar and get some protein in the process. This version adds some flavor as well thanks to the peanut butter. Mix the following ingredients together:  ½ cup oats, ¼ cup nonfat Greek yogurt, ¾ cup almond milk, ½ teaspoon cinnamon and 1 teaspoon chia seeds. Refrigerate overnight. In the morning, add some toppings like almonds and banana slices if you desire. Now you’ve got yourself a filling breakfast!

    Source: Huffington Post
  5. Spicy peanut dressing. Who knew you could turn a little bit of peanut butter into a salad and even an entire meal? If you’re in the mood for Asian cuisine, try this spicy peanut dressing. The first step is to make the dressing by adding one tablespoon each of rice wine vinegar (or lime juice, whichever you prefer or have on hand) and soy sauce. Add one teaspoon each of hot sauce and sesame oil. Put on the lid and shake thoroughly. Add some noodles, lettuce and carrots and you’ve got yourself a meal.

    Source: Garnish and Glaze

We just can’t live without our peanut butter. It’s a great addition to many recipes and desserts. The ideas listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are a ton of other peanut butter jar recipes and uses to be found online, so there are many things you can do once you’re down to the last few bits of peanut butter. These fun ideas will make you look forward to the end of the jar.


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