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13 DIY Christmas Gifts People Will Actually Thank You For

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December 11, 2015 · 3.2k Views

DIY gifts are all the rage and even more so as we plunge into the colorful realm of Pinterest. There’s a lot of really cool and unique ideas out there for DIY gifts of all kinds and we’re bringing you the best of DIY Christmas gifts to the table in this article.

DIY projects are one of the funnest activities you can do yourself or with family for just about anything. When it comes to DIY gifts, there can be a few hit or misses and DIY crafts do get pretty expensive if you don’t know where to look for deals. See where we’re going with this? DealsPlus staff knows exactly where you can save on cheap DIY crafts plus we’ll list any additional coupon discounts you can snag for your biggest DIY project of the year.

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DIY Christmas Gifts: Know Where to Shop for Your Materials!

Here’s our top go-to stores for arts and crafting materials on the cheap. Certain arts and craft stores are not shy with their online coupons and promotions either so make it a priority to check out all of their offers not only for deals but DIY ideas. Without further ado…

Target Dollar Spot (see more coupons)

For some reason, this was the first place we had in mind but it shouldn’t really come to a surprise right? Tons of DealsPlus staffs were thinking of decorating our desks and thinking of where affordable holiday decors. First place that popped up? Target.

You have no doubt walked into Target multiple times before and like the rest of us, each time, you just have to check out what kind of new stuff they have in their dollar corner. Target dollar corner is the go-to spot for cheap decor from $1 mason jars and candles to string lights and holiday cards. Plenty of DIY materials to choose from, it’s a DIY haven really. Target has recently gave their One Spot a makeover, and it’s now known as the Bullseye’s Playground! Drop by in-store and shop for dollar DIY items at the entrance of every Target store near you.

A.C. Moore (see more coupons)

AC Moore is an arts and craft store so needless to say, you’ll find nearly everything you need. They have tons of items discounted from week to week so we highly suggest taking a look at their weekly ad for DIY savings.

Joann Fabric and Craft Stores (see more coupons)

Joann Fabric and Craft is another one of our top picks for DIY. Not only do they have a huge selection of items available to fellow crafters, Joann offers new coupon discounts both in-store and online every week! Plus, their discounts are no joke at 40-50% off coupons on any one regular priced items and free shipping.

Dollar Tree (see more coupons)

Dollar Tree is absolutely one of our favorite dollar stores for all things holiday and daily essentials. DIY materials are cheap here but so is everything else you’ll need for Christmas (gift wrap, gift bags, stocking stuffers and more!).

Michaels Art and Craft (see more coupons)

Last but not least is Michaels Arts and Craft. Similar to AC Moore, Michaels Art and Craft carries a wide selection of everything you’ll need to jumpstart your DIY Christmas gift project. Michaels has coupon discounts that will save you 40-50% off on any regular priced items with additional discounts on select categories so don’t forget to use that promo code at checkout for extra savings.


13 DIY Christmas Gifts People Will Actually Thank You For


Hanging Ornaments Christmas Tree by not martha

So this one requires a little bit of time and patience but the result is magical. Your kids will thank you for this and guess what? Clean up will be so much easier for Christmas this year. To make it even more fun, pick different colored and character ornaments for your one of a kind Christmas tree this year!


Gold Dipped Jewelry Trays by a fabulous fete
Another very easy craft that makes for a stylish gift for a friend or family member. You can actually find jewelry “trays” from as low as $1 at dollar stores or the clearance section at Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx Home Goods and other off-price retailers. All you need is some painter tape and gold spray paint to give these items a luxury feel and get creative by doing different designs!


Versatile Marble Tray by Almost Makes Perfect

Looks like some fancy $50+ marble tray you’d find in the latest interior design and decor right? This is relatively simple to make! You can basically find any kind of marble slab at any hardware store, buy some drawer pulls and glue them together with industrial strength glue. Don’t forget to pick up felt pads to cushion your new tray. There are limitless combinations of marble and drawer pulls so it’s a fully customizable DIY gift. Use it as a snack tray, makeup tray and etc.


Lighted Christmas Canvas by Megan Aubrey

Make your own lighted canvas with these few short steps. Easy tutorial ahead! You can either use decals (available at every arts and crafts stores) to shorten the process or let your inner artist out and design the canvas yourself.


Copper Wire Jar Lights

Seen these at just about most Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters right? They’re expensive store-bought but are relatively cheap to put together! You can easily find copper wire lights on ebay or Amazon from $6. As we mentioned before, mason jars can be found at Target, Dollar General or in sets at any off price retailer from as low as $3! That’s an estimated $9 DIY project compared to $20 and up. Here’s some buying options listed below:


DIY Framed Chalkboard by Cyndy

The above image is a more decorative frame example but you can generally use any type of frame and any size and then follow a few short steps to turn it into a chalkboard. This goes for any of those cheap clearance frames you see at your local Marshalls or Home Goods! Make it a chalkboard gift or write a heart warming message. All you need is spray primer and chalkboard paint which will be available anywhere at your local Lowe’s, Home Depot or most other hardware stores.

Alternately, you can also purchase chalkboard sheets, resize and adhere them to the glass yourself.


Cat Toe Flats by Cat & Bot

Aren’t they cute? You can pretty much find a pair of flats anywhere from $8 these days. Canvas material will be easier to work with and don’t forget to pick up some waterproof spray to make sure your creation last through all weathers.


Camera Strap by Design Love Fest

For your fellow photographer! This is a sweet gift and a fun DIY project to tackle this Christmas. Follow these short steps and gather some paint supplies to design unique camera strap gifts.


Elastic Band Bookmark by onelmon

One of the simplest DIY projects that you can get super creative with this holiday season. Purchase some elastic bands and either sew baubles or attach a flat crafting decor to the elastic for a quick bookmark. Book lovers will thank you for it! Create a set and make a few as stocking stuffers! You can grab materials for this at any arts and crafts stores, paint the band or buy a bigger band and draw a design.


Cupcake Jar Holder by Nellie

Bakers will love this project! Bake a dozen or more small cupcakes of your choice, purchase 160z wide mouth opening jars and place them inside. You can make as many as you’d like and hand them out as party favors, office treats or etc. Makes a sweet gift for anyone! Follow the instructions from Nellie and make sure you purchase the right jars for your cupcake size.


Hand Painted Mug by wit & whistle

For all coffee and tea lovers! Buy sets of cup and decorate it with porcelain paints. These will take some time and patience but the outcome is a beautiful and unique gift. Follow instructions from wit & whistle and design a few mugs to giveaway for Christmas.

Instagram Coasters by Postal Pix

Have that one friend who takes beautiful Instagram photos from their travels and adventures? Print out a few of them and make some memory filled Polaroid coasters. These are both cheap and easy to make. Those tiles? Only 16¢ each at your local Home Depot (you can probably find different slab designs at various prices).


Glittered Dipped Mason Jars by Lily Shop

What’s DIY without a few mason jar projects right? And these are extremely easy to do but looks mighty expensive. You can use any kind of jars you want for this project. Only four materials needed. Purchase fresh flowers and gift them in your newly painted glitter jars this holiday season!

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Stacey Garska Rodriguez provides realistic, DO-able ideas and inspiration for the modern wife and mother on The Soccer Mom Blog. She lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and two girls.

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