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9 Best DIY New Year's Eve Party Ideas That Everyone Will Love

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
December 22, 2016 · 2.7k Views

New Year's Eve is quickly approaching, which might mean hosting a party for your friends and family. Planning and prepping for a party can be overwhelming and stressful, especially if you don’t have the right resources. For those of you who want to ring in the New Year with style - and not break the bank while doing so - check out these 10 awesome DIY decorations that are perfect for any New Year’s Eve party, as they are sure to “wow” all of your guests when they arrive.

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9 DIY New Year's Eve Party Ideas for the Best NYE Party Ever 

1. Wrapping Paper Streamers

paper streamers


There are so many festive ways to make your own streamers, which means no need to purchase any at the store. Have some leftover scraps of holiday wrapping paper? Don’t toss them away just yet! Instead, make them into colorful streamers!  All you need to do is cut long strips of the paper, or make circle streamers to hang down your wall. This is a perfect and fashionable backdrop that will show up in all of the pictures taken at the party.


2. Tinsel-Covered Cardboard Numbers



Every New Year’s Eve party should have the year displayed in big, sparkly numbers. Make your own cutout cardboard numbers and cover them in gold or silver tinsel. If you are feeling extra festive, you could even cut “NYE” in cardboard and cover those as well.


3. Spray Painted Mason Jar Glasses                

mason jar diy


Put your tasty drinks in these modern looking mason jars and they’ll be a huge hit! Pick up a couple (or a lot) of mason jars and choose whatever color spray paint you want. Be sure to cover the tops so that they do not get paint on the inside. If you are looking for a more modern look, try using a metallic gold or silver. No matter what color you chose, this is a very easy and affordable way to make your party look classy and festive.


4. Confetti-Covered Tables

confetti table


Confetti is a MUST for your NYE party. If you are following the metallic theme, choose the same color confetti to match. Looking to spice things up a bit? Use rainbow color confetti instead to make your party pop with brightness! No matter what you decide, go crazy with this messy stuff and sprinkle all over the tables to dazzle the party up. There’s no turning back at this point!

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5. New Year’s Eve Wreath



Do you have an old Christmas wreath that you stashed away after the holidays? Time to transition it to a new and improved one for New Year’s Eve!. Just take the Christmas-themed decorations off, grab some NYE decorations from the dollar store (horns, tinsel, etc.), and BAM! You’ve got yourself a new NYE wreath for only a few dollars spent! Are you looking for a way to spend a little and show a lot? These New Year’s Eve wreaths are a great way to get compliments on your DIY decorations.


6. Thumbtack Candles



Have some white or plain colored candles sitting around? If so, you can easily turn them into a fashionable and bold statement piece at your party. Simply grab a pack of gold or silver colored thumbtacks, and push them into the candle starting at the bottom and lacing all the way up. This is such a cute, creative, and modern way to make use of your candles, especially for a fun get together.


7. Glitter-Covered Champagne Bottles



Let’s be honest, you’re probably going to have a couple bottles of champagne at your New Year’s Eve party. Instead of having boring and dull bottles sitting on the counter… cover them in glitter! All you need is some Mod Podge, foam art brushes, a bottle of glitter, and of course, bottles of champagne. Add some glam to your party this New Year’s Eve with this fun, easy, and fashionable craft.


8. Tissue Paper Pom-Poms

tissue paper pompom

The Hanging Lantern Company

These tissue paper pom-poms are inexpensive, easy to make, and they look amazing when they hang from your ceiling! All you need is some tissue paper, a pair of scissors, ribbon, and florist wire. Simply layer 6-10 sheets of tissue paper down and cut the ends into a point. Bind the center of the tissue paper with a wire, and attach the ribbon to hang it. Pull apart the tissue paper and fluff it up, and wallah! There is your pom-pom!


9. Balloon Drop

balloon drop


Last but not least, make your own balloon drop! This project is super simple and super festive. Just get a couple yards of lightweight fabric, lots of balloons, confetti, and masking tape. Cut the fabric into two sections, with a piece of tape down the middle. Attach the fabric to the ceiling by four corners (keeping it loose enough to add the balloons). Next, add the balloons and confetti and you’re ready to drop! When midnight occurs, pull the tape in the middle and let it fall all over the guests! This DIY craft takes about five minutes to finish but will have your guests remembering it years from now.

Whether you are planning on having just a couple of friends over for dinner, or a huge “everyone’s invited” all-out party, these DIY crafts are sure to make your celebration one to remember for years to come. With these creative and fashionable decoration ideas, you’ll be the hit of the New Year, and you’ll have the pride in knowing you did it all yourself!

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