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DIY Pencil Holder

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September 11, 2015 · 3.3k Views

(Andreja is a guest blogger from Easy Peasy and Fun.)

School has started and we have a perfect project for you to do with your kids to celebrate the “back to school” – let’s make a DIY pencil holder!


Cardboard tubes (any kind – paper rolls, chips packaging…)

Thick cardboard

Felt, wool

Duct tape





1. Start by tracing the circle around your cardboard tubes onto the cardboard base. Cut them out (make as many as you want your pencil holder to have).

2. Tape the cardboard circle to the base of the tube (make it sturdy so use as much tape as needed).

3. Cut strips of felt. Apply white school glue (glue gun works great too but you must work quickly) and start warping them around the cardboard tube. Tip: the thinner the felt strips the more you can stretch them.

4. When using wool apply the white glue on the cardboard tube and start wrapping the wool around, adding glue as you go.

You’re all set for the new school year!

easypeasyandfun profile picture
Andreja is the creative mind behind Easy Peasy and Fun, a blog dedicated to easy crafts and activities for kids, fun printables the whole family can enjoy as well as a recipe or two that are "fail proof".

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