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24 Dorm Room Hacks That Will Make Dorming a Breeze

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Jacqueline PaumierGuest Blogger
August 03, 2016 · 3.4k Views

College is one of the most critical times to attempt to stay organized. Unfortunately, tiny dorm rooms don’t make this an easy feat. The lack of space usually leaves you feeling cluttered without a clue where anything is. Still, an organized dorm is not impossible! Follow some of our helpful hacks to help keep yourself organized throughout the semester!

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1. Label your chargers.

Source: The Chic Site

When you’re living with a dorm mate with identical apple chargers, it’s easy for things to get mixed up and accidentally unplugged. Save time over arguing about what belongs to who and wrap some colorful tape around your chargers to make sure no one gets confused.

2. Get a desk organizer.

You’re going to want one even after college. Make sure small hair elastic, paper clips and other tiny items get stashed away into a desk organizer, so there’s no need to replace them every couple of weeks.

3. Get a dry erase board.

Source: PB Teen

Your room doesn’t have enough space for a million agenda books. Pick up one large dry erase board as an easy way to keep track of classes, events and deadlines.

4. Use a shoe organizer.

And not for shoes. When you’re living in a dorm, you are living off of snack but lacking the storage space. Use shoe organizers as an easy place to keep snacks, utensils, spices and other “kitchen” items.

5. Hang photos on a "clothesline."

Source: What's the Cash

Instead of taking up desk space with photos, hang a clothesline the wall and pin photos to it for a cute way of decorating and saving space.

6. Put away your shirts vertically.

Chances are you’re low on drawer space. Get more out of the space you have by putting away shirts vertically instead of laying them flat.

7. Change your clothes each season.

Source: Courtney Smith via Pinterest

Use those holiday and summer trips home to change out your wardrobe. Dorm rooms have limited closet space, so there’s no need to have clothing items you won’t be using taking up space. Instead, rotate what you need, and leave the rest at home or air sealed and stored.

8. Organize your books in boxes and with labels.

Stack wicker baskets or boxes and label them by classes. This way you take up less shelf space and can easily get to whichever books you need.

9. Pick up magazine holders.

Source: PB Teen

Magazine holders are a stylish and affordable way to easily organize your important files, notebooks, and study plans.

10. Use your bed storage.

When you have a small dorm room, you need to take advantage of every inch of space you have. Pick up some bed storage bags or filing bins that can easily fit under your bed to hold items you don’t need as often.

11. Use collapsible seating.

Find this tutorial at Design for Mankind.

Dorm room furniture usually consists of your bed, your roommates bed, a desk and/or a bookshelf, and that’s about it. Buy a couple of comfy folding chairs that can easily be used when guest’s come over and be put away when they leave.

12. Stay in bed with a bed skirt organizer.

If you don’t have a night table to store glasses, books, or other pre-bed entertainment. Tuck away your favorite night time items by using a bed skirt organizer that keeps it all within arms reach.

13. Organize your fridge with binder clips.

Source: Bob Vila

Use binder clips to keep soda bottles and snacks from rolling over, allowing you to fit more items.

14. Keep items organized with a shower caddy.

Shower caddies are easy to install on the wall and give you ample storage space with needing extra furniture. They also have a decorative look that beats out ordinary shelves.

15. Use soda tabs for added closet space.

Source: Uncle Bob's Self Storage

Just loop a soda tab over the hanging hook to have an extra space to place more hangers, allowing you to double up on your clothing. Just be sure to save those tabs!

16. Organize small items in a pill box.

Keep jewelry, safety pins, hair elastics, and other small items in a small pill box that won’t take up too much shelf space.

17. Make a jewelry organizer out of chicken wire.

Find the tutorial at The Loblollies Blog.

Hang a strip of chicken wire on your wall as a simple way to keep earrings, bracelets and necklaces organized.

18. Use shower curtain rings in your closet.

Place show curtain rings on a hanger to create a convenient place to hang scarves without using instead of using up drawer space. This will also keep them from snagging or getting moth bites!

19. Store grocery bags in a Lysol wipes container.

Source: Danee's Stampin' Delights

Gather quick trash with old grocery bags kept together in an empty Lysol wipes container.

20. Use a pop-up laundry bag.

Purchase a Pop Up triple sorter laundry bag as an easy way to haul laundry without having a bin take up space in your dorm room.

21. Buy hanging fridge shelves.

Source: AliExpress

Double up on fridge space by adding in a refrigerator sliding drawer for small snacks.

22.  Hang heels.

Have heeled shoes that won’t fit in a shoe organizer? Just hook the heels on a hanger and let them hang in your closet.

23. Add light objects to a magnet board.

Find the tutorial at Tater Tots and Jello.

Purchase a magnet board to hang on your wall, then glue magnets to the bottom of small Tupperware containers. Then just fill the containers and let them stick to the board.

24. Hang folding chairs as a fold out coat closet.

Hang folding chairs on your wall as a simple way to gain extra shelf space and a place to hang coats when needed. When the extra space isn’t required just fold up the chair again.


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