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Easter Basket Treats That Won’t Have the Kids ‘Hopped’ up on Sugar

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April 17, 2014 · 1.4k Views

The Easter bunny will soon be hopping house to house with gift baskets, and in addition to fun celebrations with family and friends, Easter is usually a time to indulge in sweet treats. However, Easter treats can be healthy and tasty at the same time.

“Bananarama Mobiles”

Combine strawberries and bananas to make yummy “bananarama mobiles.” All you have to do is cut off four slices of banana by cutting from the ends and slice four pieces of strawberries. The banana will serve as the body of the “vehicle,” and the strawberry slices will be used as “wheels.” You can use the four slices of banana to use as “hubcaps.” Additionally, place whole strawberries on top of the body of the¬†bananarama mobile for extra color and nutrition.

“Clementine Chicks”

These “clementine chicks” cost about $5 to make and are so darling it may be hard to eat them! Peel the clementines and cut the feet, beak and hair from the peeled clementine skin. Use edible eyes or marshmallows and raisins to add more expression to your little chicks.

Carrot Popcorn Treat

Not all Easter goodies have to be sweet. Sometimes it’s nice to balance sweet treats with a savory snack. Simply fill a clear, cone bag with light, cheesy popcorn, crackers (or baby carrots for an extra healthy option) and tie the top with green ribbon. The finished product will be a carrot popcorn treat! You can make several gifts for about $15.

“Petal Pushers”

Easter is celebrated during the beautiful time of spring, so “petal pushers” are a great way to enjoy the colorful rejuvenation all around us. Use a 2-inch flower-shaped cookie cutter and cut out shapes from cantaloupe. Then, use a 1-inch flower-shaped cookie cutter and cut out shapes from kiwi. Put the kiwi on top of the cantaloupe and finish it off with a sliced grape for an easy, $10 treat. Enjoy!

Eggs Filled With Nuts and Raisins

Instead of filling plastic eggs with an assortment of chocolate, sweet tarts or other sugar-filled treats, try filling them with almonds and/or raisins for a healthy, $10 snack. The nuts will add a dose of healthy fatty acids to your diet, and the raisins will add a subtle hint of sweetness to the flavor combination.

These cute snacks do not compromise flavor and can serve as an alternative to the typical refined sugar Easter basket goodies. Children will enjoy the decorative presentations and delectable flavors without bouncing off the walls.


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