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Easy Kitchen Organizing Ideas

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November 19, 2015 · 2.6k Views

(Jessica is a guest blogger from Mom 4 Real.)


Finding a place to store everything in your kitchen can be tough, especially if you have a small kitchen and limited built in storage space. Finding ways to save space and see what you have is key to actually using what you have and eliminating waste. Today, I’m so excited to share some of the ways I keep my kitchen organized. The first, and my absolute favorite is using glass jars. I store everything I possible can in them. This way I can actually see what I have and everything is easy to access. To label your jars, you can simply flip the flat piece of your lid over and use a permanent marker to label the tops of your jars.


To save space in your pantry, invest in expandable steps (they can be used for spices too)! This way you don’t have cans stacked on top of each other and falling every time you try to grab one. Plus, you can actually see what canned goods you have!


Use small plastic bins to corral loose items like chips and packaged snacks. This saves room and keeps everything together so you can grab what you need when you need to grab a snack or are packing lunches.


Use inexpensive stackable bins to hold small snack items like fruit snacks, cereal bars and pre-packaged snack foods.


These stackable bins are great for holding paper products and lunch packing supplies too! They can usually be purchased for $1 a piece!


Keep your favorite cooking utensils close by using crocks or old cannisters without the lids. Keeping them right beside the stove means you can grab them as needed instead of digging through a drawer for them.


I love having my spices nearby too. A spinning spice carousel makes grabbing and using your spices and herbs super easy. Plus, you can refill the glass containers when your run out!


If you have a kitchen island, then you have built in storage. If you don’t have a built in island or a ton of space, use a store bought open shelf to store kitchen items that don’t otherwise have a spot. I use mine to store my colorful dishes, cookbooks, a crate full of kitchen linens, mixing bowls and an indoor grill/griddle. I also added some hooks to each side for hanging strainers and a kitchen towel.

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, implementing some of these storage ideas can help you reduce waste and find things so much easier!

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I’m Jessica, a mom on a mission to show other women that you can live well without breaking the bank. I like to share the thrifty, creative ways that I make changes in my home in the hopes that it will spark the creativity in someone else! I love to share DIY projects, crafts, simple recipes and cleaning tips too!

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