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8 Easy Ways to Keep a Dirty Kitchen Clean

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Jazmine ReedGuest Blogger
May 24, 2016 · 2.3k Views

I once heard someone refer to a kitchen as a newborn as “it requires constant attention!” As someone who has been living on their own, I can’t disagree. For years, I was dedicating weekends to “deep cleaning” my kitchen, only to find it as messy as ever days later. But there is hope! There are 8 easy, everyday ways to help keep your kitchen spotless.

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1. Baking soda is your magic weapon.

You may think you’re fully equipped and armed with your cleaning spray and paper towel, but there is a dependable product many overlook: baking soda. Not only is it great for cleaning your teeth, (and uh, you know, baking), it is miraculous for cleaning your kitchen! Sprinkle a little bit of baking soda on your kitchen countertop and in your sink for hard-to-erase build-up and hard-to-fight germs. Then take a microfiber cloth, and wipe the baking soda and countertops in an S-shape. Added bonus? You can opt to use baking soda over toxic cleaning products entirely for a more eco-friendly home!

2. Do the wave.

Put your hands down. What we’re suggesting is you clean your kitchen in waves to avoid feeling overwhelmed and creating more work fo yourself. The first wave includes tidying up and spraying the sink. All the paper, junk mail, random dishes and whatnot cluttering your kitchen need to be put away, and because we are going to want the baking soda and cleaning supplies to sit in the sink for a while, go ahead and spray! Wave Two involves wiping. Wipe the cupboards, the stove, and all surfaces in your kitchen. And wave three, the last wave, is taking out the garbage can, and sweeping/mopping the floor.

3. Empty the dishwasher while you're brewing.

Two things are dreaded in the kitchen: waiting for the coffee to brew, and emptying the dishwasher. Both feel like an eternity, and both give you a sense of relief when completed. (Especially the coffee.) Well, rather put off the dishwasher and just standing around while the coffee brews, empty the dishwasher while you wait for your piping-hot cup o joe! It’ll feel like a reward you’ve earned!

4. Clean your counters... all the time.

Often, we get out the dishcloth when we have a spill. Get that baby out after every meal, and wipe the counters down multiple times per day. Not only does it keep your kitchen tidier, you’re killing germs at the same time!

5. Don’t forget about...

Don’t forget to sweep under and behind the refrigerator, and soak the vent above the oven!  

6. Straighten up or ship out.

The key to a spotless countertop is keeping it clutter-free. That can be a challenge when you have decorations and such out. However, a great trick is to line everything up parallel and perpendicular to the edge of the counter.

7. Dot your i's and cross your t's in the kitchen.

Make sure all oven mitts and tea towels are straightened and all empty paper towel rolls have been replaced.

8. Smells like clean spirit.

Part of cleaning the kitchen is cleaning up bad odors! You don’t need expensive candles or incense to achieve a sweet-smelling home. There are a couple of easy tricks every person should know. First, cutting lemons and putting them in the garbage disposal will help squeeze a citrusy scent into your kitchen—which is way better than anything you would typically throw down there and smell. Next, wiping your countertops down with natural essential oils is another great idea! (Plus, it doesn’t have toxins.)


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