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eBay is Worthy Competition with New 3-Day Guaranteed Delivery

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March 20, 2017 · 5.2k Views

ebay guaranteed delivery

Source: eBay.com

In the latest e-commerce news, eBay has just announced that they will be offering a "3-day or less delivery date guarantee, including options for 1- to 2-day delivery" at no additional cost starting this summer in the United States. 20 million products sold on eBay will be eligible for 3-day or less delivery, with millions of these products offered with free shipping, too. 

Before we jump into the latest player, see what’s changed recently from the following retailers:

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Although eBay already offers free shipping, no minimum on plenty of products, this Guaranteed Delivery will give shoppers the chance to receive their purchases even faster because they can search for and filter items that can be delivered in just 1 or 2 days guaranteed. According to eBay, if an item doesn't arrive on the established delivery date, the buyer can request a refund on shipping costs. If shipping was free, the buyer will receive a coupon to use towards their next eBay purchase or choose to return the item for free.

eBay sellers can also expect to see greater sales and happier customers. Giving buyers the option to search and shop by delivery date may increase the number of new and happy buyers, and sellers also have the option to control their regional rates, working days, and hours. The only thing to note is that sellers must meet a mandatory set of shipping standards to take part in Guaranteed Delivery. Learn more here.

How does this affect where you will shop since Walmart and Amazon recently updated their shipping options? Let us know in the comments below!

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Fred_happyMar 30, 2017
who will be responsible for fulfillment? Ebay or by seller?

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