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Every New Feature You Can Expect to Find on iOS 10

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September 24, 2016 · 1.6k Views

If you’re an Apple fan, you were no doubt excited when Apple released the new iOS 10 operating system on September 13. At first glance, you may notice some changes from previous versions. Some changes are huge and can enhance your iPhone experience. Others are more subtle and may not be as exciting to you.

In any case, there are dozens of new features you’ll find on the iOS 10. Many are helpful, some are just plain fun. Read on to see what you Android users are missing out on.

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Every New iOS 10 Features to Look Out For

  1. Fun messaging features.

    ios 10 imessage


    If you enjoy texting, you’re going to love it even more with iOS 10’s new features. You can change the way your message bubbles looks, so you can customize them based on what you’re saying. There’s an invisible ink feature that covers up a photo or message and then the recipient has to swipe it to reveal it. You can celebrate special occasions with animations that take up the entire phone screen. With a quick tap, you can replace words with emojis. Speaking of emojis, there are now more than 100 new ones to choose from. Some of them are gender specific. With Tapback, you can send one of six standard responses for your convenience. There are even stickers available from the App Store. You can integrate them into your messages for cool effects. For a personal touch, you can even write messages in your own handwriting. Your recipients will see it animate.

  2. New iOS 10 Notes feature.

    ios 10 notes


    You can now collaborate with others in the Notes app. You can start a list or some other message that requires input from others. Tap on the collaboration icon and choose how you want to send the collaboration invitation. You can send it via Messages or through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

  3. Lock your house when you’re not at home.

    ios 10 home app


    iOS 10 offers the innovative Home app, which allows you to control certain aspects of your home when you’re away. You can adjust the thermostat, turn lights on and off and lock doors. The only catch? The fixtures in your home have to work with Apple’s system – which is highly unlikely, especially if you haven’t any home furnishings in a few years. You’ll know if they do because they’ll say "Works With Apple HomeKit."

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  4. New Mail features.

    ios 10 mail


    Keep your emails better organized with these new features. Swipe left to move your message into a different folder (perhaps a work or project folder) and swipe right to mark the email as read. There are now filters available to help you organize your email. In the lower left of the screen is the Filter icon. The default is to show you unread messages, but you can tap on it and change it to the category you prefer.

  5. Send smaller photos.

    ios 10 memories

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    A high-resolution photo may be 5 MB or more and take forever to text to your friend. You now have the option to make your photos smaller. This will also save data if you’re on a data plan. Just go to Settings, then Messages and then scroll down to Enable Low Quality Image Mode.

  6. Automatic music storage.

    ios 10 music


    Take music management off your hands. Let iOS 10 do the hard work for you by going to Settings > Music > Downloads. You can manage the songs and albums you have downloaded. You can also set the storage amount, so if you reach or exceed that amount, iOS 10 will clean up your files by removing songs you rarely listen to.

  7. New phone/voicemail features.

    ios 10 voicemail


    You can now download apps that alert you to spam/nuisance callers. You’ll know when a phone number is a known fraud, so you can avoid the call or take proper precautions. Another feature is the ability to receive transcriptions of voicemails. This comes in handy when you’re in a meeting or on a business call on another line and can’t easily use your phone. There’s also an easier way to save your voicemails. You can save the audio file in an app such as Mail, Notes, AirDrop, iCloud Drive or iMessage.

  8. New Photos features.

    ios 10 memories


    A new built-in feature is Memories. This feature creates slideshows based on the photos you have in your camera roll. Another new feature is the People and Places folder. iOS 10 is able to detect people and places once you input their names. This is helpful down the road when you want to search for your vacation photos or pictures of your kids. With the new image search feature, you can also look for random items, such as “cat,” “baseball game” or “beach.” Another cool feature is the ability to edit live photos. You no longer have to shoot first and then edit later. You can do the editing beforehand and save a step. You can also write directly on your photos. Tap on the photo adjustment slider icon and select the “…” icon. Next, go to Markup and you’ll be able to add text and doodles to your photos. Are you having trouble reading small print, but don’t have a magnifying glass on hand? You can now use your iPhone as a magnifying glass. Just go to settings, then General, then Accessibility and select Magnifier. Tap on the Home button three times to activate it.

  9. New Calendar/Maps features.

    ios 10 maps


    iOS 10 will look for events mentioned in your emails and messages and will suggest found events. When a new event is added, Apple Maps works with the Calendar app to let you know what time you should leave based on traffic and location. You can also set your preferred transportation mode (walking, driving, bus). Want to share your location with others? Use 3D Touch to push the Maps icon and then tap ‘Send My Location.”

  10. New music features.

    ios 10 music


    Tired of singing the wrong words to your favorite songs? You no longer have to sing in embarrassment. With iOS 10, you can view a song’s lyrics while you’re listening to it. You’ll see them once you scroll down to under the audio controls. Apple Music has also created a Favorites Mix. It’s updated every Friday with songs that you might be interested in based on the songs you have in your library.

If you’ve been on the fence about upgrading to iOS 10, hopefully this article has helped you make a definitive decision. There are a ton of new feature in the Mail, Messages, Notes, Camera, Photos, Music, Safari and News apps. Are the new features worth it? Are you happy with your current operating system?  Perhaps you’re an Android user who’s considering becoming a convert. There’s a lot to love with the new iOS 10, and it’s sure to be a hit with everyone who gets their hands on it.

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