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20 Father's Day Cards to Show Dad How You Really Feel

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June 12, 2016 · 5.6k Views

Cards can be a lot more memorable than "Happy Father's Day. I love you, dad!" - not that that isn't memorable. But if you unveil your less obvious feelings, you're definitely going to leave a lasting impression. This Father's Day, show dad how you really feel with some awesome cards that will leave him chuckling.

All of the cards below are from Urban Outfitters and various Etsy sellers. Visit DealsPlus to find ways to save at both spots!


1. The truth is harsh.

Turtle's Soup Father's Day card, $5.50 - Urban Outfitters

2. For the Star-Wars-loving, pun-loving dad.

Printable Yoda Father's Day card, $2.42Etsy

3. When you know dad tolerated you through everything, and now you have to express your gratitude.

Checklist Father's Day card, $4.50Etsy

4. "Back when I was your age..."

Father's Day card, $4.25 - Etsy

5. Because awesome dads make awesome babies.

Father's Day card, $4.95Etsy

6. More puns and Star Wars because it's a dad thing.

Star Wars Father's Day card, $3.73Etsy

7. If you've got a dad who likes his steak well done, I've got a card for you.

Steak Father's Day card, $4.50 - Etsy

8. It's time to be completely honest with dad.

Funny Father's Day card, $4.50Etsy

9. For the handy dandy dad in your life.

Tools Father's Day card, $3.50Etsy

10. Tootin' my own horn, but I learned from the best.

"Thanks for the Genes" Father's Day card, $4.50Etsy

11. Oops.

"Dad, I'm sorry I haven't moved out yet." Father's Day card, $4.11 - Etsy

12. This is definitely worthy of celebration.

First Father's Day card, $5.00+Etsy

13. Wives can give Father's Day cards, too.

New Dad Father's Day card, $4.50Etsy

14. Dad, I am truly honored to be a fruit of your labor.

Loin Fruit Father's Day card, $4.50Etsy

15. Because honestly, this is one of the things I appreciate most.

"Thanks for Killing Those Spiders" Father's Day card, $4.50Etsy

16. All the values my dad instilled in me boils down to this card.

Papa Bear Father's Day card, $4.00Etsy

17. I have never been more apologetic than when my dad stepped on my Legos.

Stepping on Legos Father's Day card, $4.50Etsy

18. I think there should be a "yet" added at the end.

Shooting My Boyfriends Father's Day card, $4.50Etsy

19. Never has a card been more honest.

Why Dad is Great, $4.50Etsy

20. I actually never thought of it this way, but I feel important now.

Funny Father's Day card, $4.00Etsy


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