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10 Food Trends for 2017: Coming to a Plate Near You

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December 30, 2016 · 2.5k Views

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Source: Think with Google

Aspiring foodies everywhere can take a peek at the official Whole Foods list of Top 10 Food Trends coming your way in 2017. That’s right, Whole Foods has continued with their annual tradition of announcing their picks of the hottest food trends sweeping restaurants, kitchens, and supermarkets across the nation. This year’s selection might compel you to up your food game a couple notches.  

These picks come your way from global food buyers and food experts. Go ahead and click through to see the bevy of tastemakers. The list includes a classically trained chef, a registered dietitian, a master sommelier and a board-certified physician specializing in internal medicine. That’s a pretty impressive list if you ask me. So feast your eyes on the food finds that will be making their name in 2017 and drop us a line to let us know what you think of their picks! Which ones are you excited to try? Which ones are you going to avoid at all costs?

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Top 10 Food Picks for 2017 tasty emoji

1. Wellness Tonics: Up Your Immunity by the Glassful

wellness tonics

Source: Mommypotamus

Drinks that help boost your immunity, energy, and overall health are nothing new; they’ve long been popular with the health-conscious crowd. This year, you’ll get upgraded “Wellness Tonics” that go way beyond fresh juices. These drinks will make use of popular, nutrient-rich ingredients to help aid your health on every front. They cite up and coming ingredients like adaptogenic herbs, medicinal mushrooms, turmeric, kava, and Tulsi. Take a sip and drink to your health!  


2. Products from Byproducts: Turns Out, Leftovers Are Useful

leftover grains to make beer

Source: Food52

I don’t know about you but the word “byproduct” doesn’t strike me as something I want to consume. It may not be a sexy term but it turns out that a lot of products have byproducts that just as valuable as the item itself! Retailers have turned their creativity onto existing products and they are finding value where they once saw only waste. Some key examples include making vegan mayo from the water used to cook chickpeas, using the leftover grains from making beer, and a company making a household cleaner from olive oil. What’s old is now new and that is win-win in the food department.


3. Coconut Everything: Who Knew So Many Coconut Products Exist

coconut pancakes

Source: Hot for Food

I’m starting to think the coconuts have now earned their stripes as a super-fruit. It wasn’t too long ago that the internet discovered the many uses of coconut oil and collectively lost their mind. Turns out, coconut oil is just the beginning! This year you will see more and more creative uses for the humble coconut, ranging from coconut sweeteners to tortillas to ice cream. Get ready to try out coconut flour, coconut chips, coconut butter and even more coconut creations.


4. Japanese Food, Beyond Sushi: Japanese Food is All the Rage

matcha green tea mochi

Source: Food & Wine

If you’re looking for some new flavor profiles in your life, get a glimpse into the Japanese diet with healthy staples that go way beyond the already-beloved sushi. We can certainly learn a thing or two from the Japanese diet; generally a flavor-rich, health-centric combo of fresh fish, rice, and other savory ingredients. You can be on the lookout for matcha green tea mochi, black sesame, pickled plum, Azuki bean, dried kelp and the like.


5. Creative Condiments: Unconventional Sauces from Around the Globe


Source: Food Network

I think we all know that the sauce makes the dish. Whether you’re dipping, drizzling and mixing your sauce, the flavors are what makes a good dish great or an otherwise tasty dish bland. They highlight lesser known sauces from across the world including Mina Harissa, beet salsa, habanero jam, black sesame tahini and more. Add something new to a much-loved dish and you can get a whole new world of taste on your hands.

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6. Rethinking Pasta: Less Wheat, More Quinoa

southwestern quinoa bowl

Source: What's Gaby Cooking

In recent years, many consumers have strayed from traditionally heavier dishes and diets towards more plant-based, nutrient-rich alternatives. This includes swapping old school pasta for similar noodles made from chickpeas, lentils, help or other grains. You still get the satisfaction of something warm and delicious, with the added benefit of lower carbs, higher nutritional value, and less fat. Swapping your beloved favorites for something healthier is definitely a good way to cut down on your intake of calories, carbs and the like.


7. Purple Power: Purple Foods Are Nutrient Dense (and Delicious)

purple cauliflower

Source: The Little Epicurean

Interesting enough, the color of a food can sometimes hint at it nutritional makeup. It’s part of the reason that fruits and veggies have such a beautiful array of bright, bold colors. Purple turns out to be a very important color when it comes to health; naturally purple foods contain tons of antioxidants and they are nutrient dense! So you can bet that purple foods will be steadily growing in popularity. Look for purple corn, purple sweet potatoes, purple cauliflower, acai, elderberries and beyond.


8. On-the-Go Beauty: Multi-Use Beauty Sticks Make Your Makeup a Breeze

multi-use beauty sticks

Source: Something Inspired Blog

Gone are the days that consumers are eager to buy a ton of specific products to get a job done. Multi-use products are a fan favorite because they save you time, money and effort. Whether it’s a 10-in-1 kitchen item or a diaper bag that doubles as a purse, consumers are all about products that do more than 1 thing. The trend has spread beyond novelty gadgets and kitchen products, it’s now a big deal in the makeup world. The coming year should show an influx of multi-use “makeup sticks” that can be a blush, an eyeshadow, a lipstick and a brightener. Get more your of your makeup and carry around 1 simple tool instead of 5. Sounds like an upgrade to me.


10. Flexitarian: Healthy Choices, Minus the Rigidity of a Strict Diet


Source: Blavity

Whole Foods cites the tongue-in-cheek “flexitarian” as a new trend in consumer eating habits. Less and less are we seeing 100% strict diets that consist of only acceptable foods. Not only does that make life difficult, it’s just not a very sustainable approach to eating in today’s hectic world. So a flexitarian is someone who makes conscious, health-oriented food choices without the strict adherence to a single diet. For example, if you eat vegan most of the time, or you are vegetarian throughout the week but take it easy on the weekend. You are conscious and aware but those hard and fast rules can change from time to time.


10. Mindful Meal Prep: Make Healthy, Cost-Effective & Easy Meals

mindful meal prep

Source: A Kick in the Butt

Their last trend for 2017 is also more about the approach to food than the actual indigents you eat. Mindful meal prep means that consumers are looking beyond just their tastes and their wants (wouldn’t we all just eat pasta and ice cream all day?) and thinking longer term about their food choices. Consumers want food that is cost-effective, healthy, nutrient-rich, filling and reduces food waste. They highlight the idea of “make some, buy some” dinners in which you buy some pre-prepared ingredients and then make some parts yourself. It’s all about your perspective on eating, shopping and buying. Shoppers are savvy and want to get their money’s worth and their time’s worth too.

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