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10 Free Money Management Tools You Can Find on Google Drive

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
September 23, 2016 · 3.5k Views

You’ve likely read all the articles telling you how you need to create a budget. Easier said than done. How do you do that? Do you have to create some sort of spreadsheet? Do you need special software?

You can create a budget for free, and all you need is a Google Drive. Google Drive is a great way to store your important documents, but you may not know that this versatile tool also houses templates for a variety of functions. You can find templates for presentations, letters, cards, calendars and even budgets. To find a budget template, just search for the keyword “budget” and you’ll find hundreds of templates.

With so many choices, which one is right for you? Read on to find out which 10 money management tools you should use.


1. Personal Budget Tracker

personal budget tracker

Source: drive.google.com

The Personal Budget Tracker is a great tool if you just need to track the budget of one person – you and only you. It consists of a form that allows you to enter all your expenses. There are two tabs. One is your worksheet and the other is your monthly tracking data. This tracker automatically makes all calculations. If you’re a visual person, you’ll really like this tool. It creates charts for all your data, so you can get a visualization of your expenses and income. You can see how much you’re spending in areas such as home, utilities, car payments, dining and entertainment and see where you can cut expenses.


2. Family Budget Planner

family budget planner

Source: drive.google.com

Thought it was hard to create a budget for just you? Try creating a budget for an entire family. Kids come with their own expenses, such as school supplies, lunches, field trips, sports, music and more. Always end up short at the end of the month, with no idea where your money went? This is where Family Budget Tracker can help. This tool is very thorough, as it includes every type of bill you could imagine. Just fill in the colored fields for each month and the tool will make all calculations automatically. You’ll see your balances at the bottom of the chart. There’s also a separate tab for rental property - as if many young families with children could afford one, but it’s there nonetheless.


3. Monthly Budget Planner

monthly budget planner

Source: drive.google.com

Barely making ends meet? Have loads of debt? Perhaps Monthly Budget Planner can help. It’s similar to other spreadsheets, but it’s more detailed. Expenses are broken down by category. There’s even a Debt Repayment tab that allows you to see where your credit card and loan payments are going and how long it will take you to pay them off. The very last column is called “Total Interest Paid” and can be a wake-up call if you’re only making minimum payments. Monthly Budget Planner also allows you to take a look at your expenses throughout the entire year. It can be shocking to see how much you’re spending on eating out and entertainment over the course of one year.

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4. Checkbook Register

Checkbook Register

Source: drive.google.com

Sure, you already have a register inside your checkbook, but if you’re like me, you eventually run out of room. When you use the Google Drive template, you get a look at all your deposits and expenses, without the messy handwriting. You just type in the date, description and amount. The template automatically takes care of all the calculations, so you’ll no longer need a calculator to balance your checkbook. Just access Checkbook Register from your smartphone and you’ll be able to see your account balance anywhere, anytime.


5. Invoice Tracking

 Invoice Tracking

Source: drive.google.com

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs have to send in invoices to clients in order to get paid. If you’re looking for a quick and easy invoice template, Invoice Tracking is for you. You can customize the invoice based on the fields you need. Once you’ve created your invoice, fill it out and send it to the client. You can track payments as well. Just fill out the form and it’s saved on your Google Drive. It can’t get much easier than that.


6. Vehicle Expense Sheet

Vehicle Expense Sheet

Source: drive.google.com

This comes in handy if you use your vehicle for your business or are simply tracking everything to look for opportunities to cut costs. You can track each expense related to your car, such as gas, insurance, registration, maintenance and service. There’s also a visual aid that shows your spending over time and looks for patterns, so you might be to save money.

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7. Priority Wedding Budget Planner

Priority Wedding Budget Planner

Source: drive.google.com

This is a useful tool if you’re going to get married soon. It’s important to stay within budget, since spending can get out of hand. Without a tool to help, you can end up spending thousands more than anticipated. That’s where the Wedding Budget Planner comes in. The premise is very simple. The tool includes a list of everything you can expect to buy for your wedding. Just input your estimated expenses and then as you start buying items, input the actual expenses. You’ll see how you’re doing with your budget and whether or not you need to cut back.


8. Vacation Budget and Trip Planner

 Vacation Budget and Trip Planner

Source: drive.google.com

When you take a vacation, you want to relax, not spend the entire trip worrying about how much money you spent. With the Vacation Budget and Trip Planner, you can plan out your entire itinerary, along with how much each activity is going to cost. That way, you get a ballpark figure of what your vacation is going to cost before you see your credit card statement and go into sticker shock. There’s a separate tab that gives you a visual breakdown of your spending in the various categories, such as transportation, tours, dining and attractions.


9. Shared Rent and Expenses

Shared Rent and Expenses

Source: drive.google.com

This is a cool template for those with roommates. I you have one or more people living with you, you can use the calculator built into this handy template to see how rent and other expenses should be split. For example, if you buy groceries for the week, how much money should each roommate pay you back? How should rent be split? The Rent and Expenses templates helps resolve these sensitive money issues.

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10. Savings Calculator

Savings Calculator

Source: drive.google.com

If you’ve been good at budgeting your money, you may actually have some left over to save or invest. If you’re using the Savings Calculator template as an investment tool, you can input your initial investment and interest rate and see how much you’ll have every year until you retire. If you don’t have enough, then you can make some adjustments to create more wealth.


Creating a budget isn’t an easy task, but with the tools listed above, you can make a typically boring task a little more interesting. No matter who you are, you can make use of one of these money management tools and keep more money in your pocket. For the full list of management tools that Google Drive has to offer, click here.

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