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10 Free Supermarket Services You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Jacqueline PaumierGuest Blogger
June 14, 2016 · 10.1k Views

While trips to the grocery store may seem like a chore (especially when bringing along the kids) the trip may have more to offer than you’re aware of. Nearly every section of most grocery stores offers specialty services for little or no charge. By taking advantage of these services on the next trip to the supermarket, you’ll be saving time and money. Who doesn’t love that?

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1. Butcher

Does your recipe require a specific cut of meat or a fillet of a certain width? Head over to the meat and seafood department and a trained butcher will cut your meat or fish as your request it. Not only does this save you money, but it also saves you time when it comes to prepping dinner.

2. Have Your Weight and Blood Pressure Checked

Source: NPR

Let’s face it, most home scales don’t have the technology to be truly accurate. Fortunately, an increasing amount of grocery stores have scales, blood pressure monitors, and body fat monitors for you to try for yourself. If you find that your pressure is a bit above average, or you would like assistance in monitoring your weight, a pharmacist can help direct you to the best products for your needs.

3. Florist

Premade arrangements not cutting it? Select a few dozen of your favorite flowers in the floral department and have a professional florist help arrange them to your liking. You can even select the type of vase or bow you want to hold the flowers in.

4. Have Someone Else do The Shopping

Source: Walmart

Grocery chains like Walmart are making food shopping a cinch with their new grocery pick up services. Simply visit the sites website, let them know what time you would like to pick it up, and have a store employee load all of your items into your car.

5. Shop By Recipe

Grocery chains like Safeway are making cooking at home even easier. Just visit the Safeway website and select a recipe from their “shop by recipe” section. Hit “shop ingredients” and the site will automatically load the recipes ingredients into your cart and have it delivered to your doorstep.

6. Catering

Catering is easy and affordable when done through a grocery store. Just pick out your favorite sandwich, sushi, or wing tray or place a special order with the deli. The food tastes great, but the real steal is the price difference when you compare the cost to professional catering services.

7. Sommelier and Cheese Aficionado

Source: Man Tripping

Specialty stores like Whole Foods are perfect for when you’re feeling clueless on what types of wine and cheese to serve at your next dinner party. A professional sommelier will help you pick out the perfect wine according to what meal you plan on preparing. They will even help select the right cheese to compliment the wine.

8. Bakery

Grocery stores usually offer a wide variety of ready-made cakes for those last minute occasions, but the bakery section will also place a custom cake order for you. Have your cake personalized to fit the occasion and even have a photo printed on the icing.

9. Balloon Bouquets

Save time by placing an order for a bright balloon bouquet at the same time you order your cake. This way when it’s time to prepare for the big event, you save yourself the hassle of needing to make multiple stops.

10. Food Demonstrations and Samples

Source: Garlic and Salt 

Grocery chains are taking advantage of the benefits of demonstration marketing and setting up mini cooking demonstrations in stores. Now you can get inspired for your next meal and pick up the needed ingredients all in one stop!

Bonus mention: certain supermarkets offer free frying services! If you're purchasing seafood or frozen food, just ask someone working in the prepared foods counter about it!

Got any more tips for us?  

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j1ceasarJun 19, 2016
Winn dixie was selling stamps at a 10% discount to face value .
CassieWizardJun 15, 2016
Wine Chilling! At Whole Foods they have a wine chilling machine. I guess it gets it to just the right temperature in just a matter of minutes.