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How You Can Try 6 Bottles of Wine Free with Tasting Room

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June 13, 2016 · 1.9k Views

The Sonoma and Napa Valleys are both less than an hour from where I live, and I’m Italian.  If anyone in the world should be a wine drinker that would probably be me... I’m not.

So I tried an experiment, and while you get to see my revelations at the end, this is really about the wine sampling experiment I tried called “Tasting Room”. BEST. SAMPLE. EVER. Bar none (pun intended).

For just $9.95 shipping, completely free if you have a current code for free shipping, Tasting Room will send you six adorable little bottles of wine. If you haven’t noticed, almost anything becomes more adorable when it’s a miniature. Miniature cars, miniature fluffy dogs, and miniature wine bottles – everyone loves them.

Tasting Room’s premise is that by answering a 4 quick questions online, and then tasting the 6 bottles sent to you, they can create a profile identifying wines most likely to please you.  If you choose to buy wine from them after that, you should also continue to rate your bottles. Tasting Room is “The only wine service that gets smarter as you do”. (Their words, not mine, but it makes sense) If you do not like wine, or are not sure then you will want to get this BEST. SAMPLE. EVER. and try it yourself. If you already like wine, you have to check it out to bring more variety and better ROI on your wine dollar.  

I don’t want to give away all the fun secrets but a sample question is whether you prefer your coffee black, with sugar and cream, or you don’t like it at all. After 4 similar questions you fill in your contact information, enter a free shipping code, and sit back and relax about 10-14 days until your samples arrive.


Okay, it’s a little bit more than that. Open a browser to, drink, and rate your wine online. They’ll ask you to compare two of the bottles and choose the one you like better, and how much better you like it. As they say, they want to know whether you “love them or loathe them”. Once you like one you compare it to the next, take your favorite of those two and compare it to the next, and so on.

TastingRoom now creates your profile. Apparently I like earthy, savory reds. They tell me this is very special and I have superb taste. Obviously! It’s on the internet, so it must be true. Also, my Mother-in-Law said the same thing when I married her son.  I’ve been made aware of the types of grapes I should look for, what I might want to eat with these wines, and how to order my wine at restaurants.

Now the tasting and profiling are done and you will choose what kinds you want, how many you want, and how often you want to get more bottles of wine, if, in fact, you want to get any more at all.

Remember I said you would get my revelations at the end? Here is what I found out. I just don’t like wine (I am surrounded by audible gasps from every Italian and Californian reading this). That’s okay. I tried. In fact, now I’m pretty sure I can stop trying to develop a taste for it but this isn’t about the wine, or me. This is about the samples, the experiment, and the profile.

The samples are generous, the experiment is FUN and easy to conduct, and the profile is educational. It creates a much greater wine understanding and self-awareness. I hope you will try this or a similar program from another online wine retailer, and have just as much fun.

Currently I can offer two codes to get you discounted or free shipping but codes change from time to time. WELCOME20 got me shipping for free, and WINE5 means you get the whole kit with shipping for $5.00. If either of these fail to work at any time you can check the Freebies section on DealsPlus for an updated code. 

How about it DealsPlus folks? Would you try?


Like free things? So do we.


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