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20 Christmas Cards That Are Actually Funny

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December 09, 2015 · 2.3k Views

Christmas cards are starting to feel like a thing of the past now that people can easily send e-Cards or pick up a quick last minute random card at the dollar stores. For those who still put some time in sending out holiday cards, you’re most likely purchasing in bulk. Practical, but boring. To liven up the Christmas spirit this year, take a look see at these Christmas cards that are actually funny and you might even be tempted to purchase a few of these.

A few of these cards we’ve found from awesome independent designers but there’s some where you can simply print and make yourself using VistaPrint or Shutterfly! Its also a lot less expensive to go about it this way. A quick breakdown of how you can save creating and ordering your own Christmas cards:


VistaPrint Custom Holiday Cards

For a limited time, you can use coupon code CYBERWEEK to save 60% off all holiday cards! This coupon is valid for a limited time only, here is a backup code in case the first doesn’t work out:



Haven’t used Shutterfly before? It’s time to start. For those who like to customize and create gifts, we see a constant stream of discount codes from 40-60% off personalized creations at Shutterfly.com. They’re currently offering up to 50% off personalized holiday cards with code HOLIDAY (expiring Sunday Dec. 6) but you can head over to their coupons & offers page for updated promotions and codes offers every week.



20 Christmas Cards That Are Actually Funny

  1. A little bit of Dwight Schrute straight from the Schrute Farms will brighten up your Christmas morning.
    Kate Gabrielle

  1. We’d like some of that Hotline Christmas Bling.

  1. Punny.
    Save Image)
  2. The Nutcracker.
    Save Image)

  1. To the a-list actress in every household.

  1. A message from Darth Vader.
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  1. Party party!
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  1. Christmas, literally.
    sapling press

  1. Grumpy Cat: Santa Edition
    Leanin’ Tree

  1. For your fellow dog-lover.

  1. For the alcohol enthusiast in your midst.
    Laila Me Designs

  1. No time like now to be straight forward right?
    Save Image)

  1. For that friend who only has one thing on their wish-list: money.
    Pithy Diction

  1. Got a resident trouble maker?
    Catch 22 Cards

  1. Do you think Jon Snow will be back in season 6?

  1. Ah… family gatherings.

  1. Grumpy Cat: Christmas Edition part 2
    Phoebe Higginson

  1. You all get a card!
    Diamond D Donatello

  1. On the true spirits of Christmas.
    Of Life and Lemons

  1. For that one geeky friend everyone has.
    Newton and the Apple

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