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10 Getaways Every 20-Something Should and Can Afford to Take

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
August 14, 2016 · 3.6k Views

getaways every 20-something should and can afford to take

If you’re ever going to have a chance to really live life to its fullest - before the responsibilities of a career, marriage, and children consume you - it’s generally going to be when you’re fresh out of school and in your 20s. This is prime adventure time. There are even several travel destinations that don’t cost an arm and a leg to travel to! Here is a list of some of the top places you may want to visit during your 20s, if for nothing else, just to say that you did it!

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  1. Amsterdam. We all know the not-so-legal fun times that can be had in Amsterdam, but believe it or not, there are other legal reasons to make the trip as well! First of all, when people think of Amsterdam - (aside from the red light district) - they think freedom. What doesn’t sound appealing about freedom, right? Also, the atmosphere and locals are super friendly in Amsterdam, making it a perfect vacation destination.
  2. Costa Rica. Costa Rica is an absolute goldmine for surfers and nature lovers. It is the perfect travel destination for anyone looking to experience beautiful landscapes and seascapes, and get away from the reality of their daily life. Did I mention that Costa Rica is also one of the best go-to Spring Break destination for 20-somethings?
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  3. Bolivia. Ready to live on the edge a little bit? Try biking the oh-so-dangerous Death Road in Bolivia. This road is located on a super dangerous mountainside with two-way traffic passing by! Although two cars seldom pass at the same time, you can still reach some pretty high speeds and face many blind turns, all while you’re a few hundred feet above the rocky shoreline. This is not a trip to be taken lightly, but a trip to be taken none the less.
  4. Europe. Qualifying as one of the most notable travel destinations on this list, the old-fashioned trip to Europe is always a surefire bet for an adventure of a lifetime. The 2004 feature film “Eurotrip” portrayed a light-hearted, humorous version of this fun and exciting vacation, with a group of college graduates venturing out into Europe before settling down into their careers of choice. Looking for an adventure like this? Start planning a Eurotrip of your own!
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  5. Australia. Many people overlook the serene natural beauty that lies down under. The Great Barrier Reef is an underutilized trip that more people really should take, in my opinion. The vastly different wildlife here, combined with the absolutely beautiful weather, makes for an amazing trip to remember for a lifetime.
  6. India. The Holi Festival (or Color Festival) is a once in a lifetime type of voyage. One that you’ll surely remember and brag about for a lifetime. The festival takes place once a year between the end of February or early March in India. Keep an open mind for this trip as local inhabitants use this day to celebrate “good over evil”, a celebration of the many colors of a beautiful relationship, and one in which people hug each other (and strangers) and wish each other “Happy Holi.”
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  7. Las Vegas. When it comes to vacationing in your 20s, how could Vegas NOT be on your list of travel destinations? Las Vegas is pretty much exactly what meets the eye - it’s all about the nightlife - so if you’re even considering visiting this city of bright lights, this is probably exactly the type of atmosphere you’re looking for. Just remember, not everything that happens in Vegas actually stays in Vegas, so behave! Or don’t. But either way, add Vegas to your bucket list for sure!
  8. New York City. New York City is often referred to as “the city that never sleeps” - and rightfully so! Day or night, there is always something fun and exciting to do in The Big Apple. Whether you’re looking for the thrilling nightlife scene, or iconic landmarks and tourist attractions like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, or Ground Zero, there are so many things to choose from here. New York City seemingly has it all, especially for somebody in their 20s!
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  9. Germany. Germany - home of Oktoberfest! If you’re a beer drinker, Germany MUST be added to your list of travel destinations, simply for this beer-drinking fall festival. Oktoberfest is a week-long celebration of everything beer-related that takes place in Munich, Germany between September and October every year. From drinking contests, to beer sampling, to the use of beer in foods, and so much more, this festival is sure to leave you with a massive hangover, but once that is well-worth the fun!
  10. Africa. Perhaps you’re less of a partier, and more of a pay-it-forward type. Maybe you’d rather spend your vacation time doing good and giving back, instead of participating in drinking contests. If this sounds more like a vacation to you, consider spending your free time doing some volunteer work in Africa. There are so many organizations out there than can help to get you set-up, schedule your travel and lodging, and hook you up with a sponsor once you’re there. Giving back is an absolute incredible and selfless way to spend your vacation time.
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