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Gift Guide for Fishermen and Anglers

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March 15, 2014 · 1.3k Views

Is your spouse’s photo collection dominated by pictures snapped on past fishing excursions? Is your dad’s man cave covered in angler decor and mounted bass? Whatever your budget, find the right gift for your favorite fisherman (or fisherwoman).

Polarized Sunglasses

Anyone who has spent a day on the water knows the importance of a good pair of polarized sunglasses. Sun Cloud Impulse sunglasses reduce glare from light reflected off the water and they have frames with a lightweight, break-resistant design. For only $50, these sunglasses give your angler the sun protection he or she needs at a price that is more budget-friendly for you.

Fly Rod and Reel Outfit

For fly fishing, a rod and reel set is a must, and if the fisherman in your life is looking to start fly fishing, get him or her a rod and reel set like the one from Cabela’s Cahill brand. The rod is a four-piece graphite rod, and the Cahill reel comes pre-spooled. The price for this set is a reasonable $60, though it occasionally goes on sale for less.  


The glare of the sun reflected from the water is a problem while fishing, but so is the sun overhead, and during the summer, it can get very hot very quickly. A visor shades the eyes from the sun while allowing the head to stay cool because it does not have a top to the hat. The visors from Deep Ocean Apparel, which makes many types of clothes for fishermen, only cost $20 each and are available in black and white.

Phone protector

 Fishermen on boats must have lifejackets readily available, and the iPhones they carry should also have a means to stay afloat if they fall into the water. The Lifeproof Lifejacket for iPhones is a bright orange to keep the phone floating and easy to see if it tumbles overboard or off a pier into the water. It also waterproofs the phone, so even a dip in the lake won’t cause the phone to short out. This must-have accessory for a fisherman’s phone costs only $40 for the iPhone model.

Tackle Box

Sometimes, you don’t know what to get your fisherman. If that is the case, consider a gift subscription to Mystery Tackle Box. For $45 for three months up to $180 for a full year, your angler will receive a monthly gift set of four to seven pieces of fishing gear. Every month brings something new, and it is a great way for your fisherman to try out new products without having to make the purchase himself or herself.   Grab these great fishing gifts for your angler or fisherman for the next gift-giving occasion or just because you care.


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