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A Golfer’s Gift Guide

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April 12, 2014 · 1.2k Views

Before going out onto the green, check out some of these handy golf accessories to help compliment your game. For less than $50, the supplies below will help strengthen your skills and make playing more convenient.   

Shag Bag

Holding 35 golf balls, the $39.99 Callaway Pro Caddie Black Shag Bag allows you to access one golf ball at a time with a simple click. Many believe the process of accessing one ball at a time helps golfers make time to refresh before taking the next stroke. Who knows? Maybe this could help take a few strokes off of the golf game.

Golf Ball Retriever

Ease the stress on your body from bending down to retrieve golf balls with the Callaway 15th Club Pocket Retriever priced at $24.99. With a reach of 6 feet, this tool can snatch balls at a considerable distance. Additionally, the item features an easy grip handle that enables you to hold on to the retriever with ease, and the aluminum material helps avert product damage.

Putting Green

Now you don’t have to be on an actual golf course to practice your strokes and enjoy the game. For $44.95, the 8′ x 16″ Putt n’ Return Putting Green can be set up at home, in the office or while traveling. Simply aim towards the cup, and if you miss, the Putt n’ Return Putting Green sends the ball back to you for another try. The synthetic grass is even comparable to what is experienced on a real course, so you can have fun while polishing your skills.

Golf Shoes

A golfer’s not only got to play the part; he’s got to look the part, too. These “sneaker-style” golfing shoes are casual and comfortable but stylish enough to wear when hitting the links. For $120, Ashworth’s Cardiff line of golf shoes comes in a multitude of colors. Women looking to sport the sneaker style on the greens should look into Nike’s Lunar Summer Lite golf shoe (79.99)—the sleek look also provides ventilation and a cushioning, which means that tackling 18 holes will be no problem.

Golf Gloves

Who said golf gloves had to be white? These women’s G/Fore golf gloves ($34.99) come in a multitude of colors, from lavender and sand to aqua and crimson. Men can find FootJoy’s Spectrum Cadet glove ($24) in colors like grape, yellow, ocean blue, grey and black.

Pros, intermediate and beginning golfers alike can can benefit from these items. So regardless of your golf aptitude, you can incorporate more enjoyment and competence to your game.


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