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10 Great Apps That Will Help You Succeed In School

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
August 24, 2016 · 2.7k Views

Getting ready to go back to school? There’s an app for that! While you may have your textbooks and note-taking supplies ready to go, you can enhance your education with a couple of helpful apps. If you have a mobile device (who doesn’t nowadays?), then you take advantage of what technology has to offer you.

More than three-quarters of students believe that mobile devices have helped them improve their grades, with 62% of students claiming that they feel more prepared with technology. Stay organized and on top of your school work this year with these top back to school apps.

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  1. Evernote. Evernote is popular with students thanks to its ability to take notes, attach files, set reminders, make lists and create agendas. Plus, you can sync everything across multiple devices, so you can always be on top of everything, no matter which mobile device you have with you. It offers a clean, easy-to-use interface and with the camera feature, you can take pictures of anything and save them for future reference. There are free and paid versions of Evernote. With the free version, you’re limited to 60 MB of uploads per month.

    Source: blog.evernote.com
  2. My Study Life. Once you get into junior high school, keeping track of all your classes, exams and homework can be exhausting. Thankfully, school just got easier with My Study Life. This free app allows you to toss that hard copy planner and manage everything from your smartphone. The nice part is that you can sync everything across multiple devices for ease of use. You can view classes by the day or the week, as well as keep on top of homework and tests. The color coding tool allows you to read your schedule easily.

    Source: blogs.microsoft.com
  3. EasyBib. EasyBib is great for all those essays and research papers. It makes the hardest part of the paper – the bibliography – the easiest part. You can format your references into 7,000 citation styles. Wait, what, there are 7,000 styles? I thought there were closer to like five. Just type in the name of the book and the app works its magic. Alternatively, you can use the app to scan the book’s barcode and generate citations. Easy peasy! You can get EasyBib for free on Android and iOS platforms.

    Source: easybib.wordpress.com
  4. SuperCard Flashcards/Flashcards+. Two names, one great app. With these apps (SuperCard Flashcards for Android, Flashcards+ for iOS), you can forget about writing out flashcards ever again. Instead, create your own virtual cards with text on the front and back. You can then quiz yourself and mark which cards you need to review. It’s now easier to learn on the go because you’ll have your flashcards with you everywhere.

    Source: androidweb.pl
  5. Tiny Scanner. Turn your phone into a scanner with Tiny Scanner. This free app allows you to take crystal-clear images of notes and other important documents, edit them and convert them into PDF. Find it here in the iTunes Store or here in the Google Play Store.

    Source: play.google.com
  6. RealCalc Scientific Calculator/PCalc. If you’re allowed to use your smartphone for class, opt for an app that can be useful in math or science. RealCalc Scientific Calculator (Android) and PCalc (iOS) are excellent alternatives for expensive scientific calculators. These free apps can help you solve even the most complex problems with ease.

    Source: blog.grabon.in
  7. PhotoMath. Been stuck on a math problem for hours? End your frustration with PhotoMath. As the name implies, this free app allows you take a photo of a math problem you’re struggling with. The app will not only give you the answer, but a step-by-step explanation as well. There are some limitations, though. The app cannot answer problems that are handwritten or too difficult. But it can answer most fraction, decimal and linear equations.

    Source: time.com
  8. Scholly: Scholarship Search. If you’re not attending college for free, you should be. The Scholly app allows you to search scholarships. The free version contains ads and no search function, so upgrade to the $2.99 version and get an account going so you can find all the scholarships that you qualify for. The creator of this app received a whopping $1.3 million in scholarships, so use this app and you can be just like him.

    Source: theyoungbusinessmen.com
  9. Sleep Time. Analyze your sleep with the free app Sleep Time. This may not seem important for school, but given that you’ll likely have to do numerous all-nighters, a good night’s rest is very important for success in high school and college. The app can analyze your sleep stages and help you achieve a peaceful night of sleep. It can track your sleep duration and show you how certain factors – such as caffeine and stress – affect your sleep. The data is presented in graphs, which you can view in Excel.

    Source: azumio.com
  10. Indeed Job Search. As if school and studying weren’t enough, you may want to get an after-school job as well. After all, that college tuition isn’t going to pay itself. Indeed can help you easily search 15 million jobs in a variety of fields. Even if you’re simply looking for a part-time job at a local store, Indeed can help you find it without the hassle of driving around town looking for “Help Wanted” signs.

    Source: blog.indeed.com


Think you’re ready for school? You’ve got your backpack, notebooks, pens, pencils and textbooks. Now make sure you have the right apps to make life less hectic. Add them to your smartphone or tablet and you’ll be prepared for no matter what the upcoming school year brings – as long as you remember to use them!


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