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10 Hacks to Make Your Picnics More Enjoyable

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
July 13, 2016 · 1.2k Views

Summer is here, and you know what that means… picnics! Whether you’re planning a romantic lunch date at the park, taking the family to the beach for the day, or attending a neighborhood barbeque, picnic season is in full swing. We know picnicking isn’t always the easiest way to dine out, but luckily, we’ve got some super helpful tips for you. As long as you keep these awesome picnic hacks in mind this summer, picnicking will never be as much of a hassle again!

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1. Take advantage of cupcake liners.

Source: Why Wait for Life Blog via Pinterest

These things are more versatile than most people think! When it comes to picnicking, one way you can use cupcake liners is to protect your drink from bugs. Simply flip the liner upside-down and poke your straw through the center of it. This creates a lid for your drink and won’t let the bugs inside! Another awesome hack is to use a cupcake liner as a drip-shield when eating a popsicle. Keeping the liner right-side up this time, poke your popsicle stick through the center of the liner and you’ve got yourself a catch-all while eating your melty pop!

2. Use a glass as a speaker.

Don’t have a fancy Bluetooth speaker? No big deal! A glass, or even a plastic cup, works just as well! Just pop your cellphone inside the glass or plastic cup to amp up your music. It makes the perfect portable speaker for your picnic!

3. Use a muffin pan for condiments.

Source: Yesterday On Tuesday via One Crazy House

Speaking of cupcakes - or muffins in this case - a muffin tin is a great way to hold all of your picnic condiments. Use one or two spots for ketchup, one or two for mustard, one or two for mayonnaise, and so on. Once you’ve got all of the spots filled, cover it tightly with saran wrap and pack it into the cooler. Don’t forget plastic spoons or knives to get the condiments from the tins to your food!

4. Freeze plastic water bottles.

This is an awesome hack for a few different reasons. First, frozen water bottles make great ice packs. Throw them in your cooler with other drinks or food in order to keep it all cool. Second, once the ice starts to melt, you’ve got yourself some ice cold refreshing water!

5. Turn your chip bag into a chip bowl.

Source: Instructables

Did you forget to pack a bowl for the chips? Or maybe you’re having a huge barbeque and don’t have enough bowls for all the food? Don’t worry - you can make your own bowl with the chip bag itself! Just open the top of the bag and push the bottom of the bag up inside itself. This creates the perfect chip bowl, and it’s even labeled! This hack allows for super easy cleanup too, which is always a plus in my book.

6. Use Tic Tac boxes for spices.

No picnic is complete without the proper spices! But don’t feel like you have to load up your entire spice cabinet. Just choose a few of your favorites - salt, pepper, garlic, basil, etc. - and pour a little bit into empty Tic Tac boxes. This saves a ton of room, allows for easy portability, and the flip up opening is a perfect way to easily season your food!

7. Use mason jars for everything!

Source: The Seasoned Mom

There are tons of picnic foods you can stick inside of mason jars… even some whole meals! One common mason jar option is a complete salad - dressing and all. In order to keep your salad from getting soggy from the dressing, though, be sure to put the dressing in first, so it sits at the bottom of the jar. Next, layer the rest of the jar with your veggies, meat, and cheese, and then your leafy greens on top. When you’re ready to eat it, just shake up the whole thing to mix everything together! Another great use for mason jars is to hold celery sticks with peanut butter. Just put the peanut butter in the bottom of the jar, and then stick the celery sticks in the jar, straight into the peanut butter. When you pull them out of the jar, they’ll already be dipped in the peanut butter and ready to eat!

8. Don’t forget the shower curtain.

Sounds weird, right? But you know what sounds (and looks) even weirder? Leaving your picnic with a wet bottom! In order to prevent your blanket and your pants from getting wet when you sit down on the damp ground, spread a plastic shower curtain underneath your picnic blanket to keep everything dry.

9. Wrap your sandwiches in paper.


Many people make the mistake of wrapping their sandwiches in saran wrap or storing it in tupperware or plastic baggies. In case you haven’t noticed, this makes the bread a little soggy, especially on super hot days. Instead, wrap your sandwiches in paper - waxed paper, parchment paper, or even newspaper - and then tape or tie them closed. You’ll be surprised by how fresh this keeps your sandwiches!

10. Grab the baby powder on the way out!

There’s nothing worse than little black ants crashing your picnic party, am I right? Oddly enough, ants hate talcum powder. So before you sit down to eat, simply sprinkle a small barrier of powder around your picnic area to keep those annoying pests out.

Be sure to bookmark this list so you can reference it again before planning your next picnic with family, friends, or neighbors. Take advantage of these 10 awesome picnic hacks and your summers will never be the same again!


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