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Halloween Costumes You Will Love (or Love to Judge)

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October 22, 2016 · 4k Views

halloween costume

At long last, Fall is here! It’s time to bundle up, break out your boots and pretend to like Pumpkin Spice! Tis the seasons for pumpkins, rapidly dropping temperatures and your annual re-watching of Hocus Pocus. But more than that, it is time for Halloween. The spookiest holiday of the year.

Nothing quite feels as wonderfully Fall-rescue as starting the quest for the perfect Halloween costume. Then, quietly judging the costumes of everyone around you! So let’s get in spooky, silly spirit and check out predictions for the most 2016 costumes that are coming your way.  


Stranger Things Costumes Galore

stranger things


Perhaps one of the biggest pop culture explosions this year was Netflix’s future cult classic, 80s-inspired show Stranger Things! Even just hearing that name, I can’t help but picture the opening sequence with the neon red lights and 80s style intro music. The characters are wonderfully unique, the storyline is a little creepy, and it’s already spawning creative costumes.  

Expect to see a whole lot of elevens running around with their ego waffles, soiled pink dress and their knee-high socks. It’s a relatively easy costume to assemble and it will most certainly be a crowd pleaser. You can also expect a whole slew of variations on Barb (Barb!), Steve and his infamous hair, Winona Ryder as grief-stricken mom Joyce Byers, and the whole gang of Lucas, Dustin, Mike  (bonus points for Will!) This show’s many, mostly awesome characters lends itself easily to group costumes, couples costumes, and individual costumes.


Olympic Winners & Losers In All Their Glory

ryan lochte

News Thrive

The Summer Olympics only come around every 4 years, so expect to see a whole lot of Olympics and Olympic-themed costumes. Gymnasts are a fan favorite but you can also expect to see some swimmers, definitely some Ryan Lochte and some more creative Olympics costumes. Maybe even an oiled up Tonga man or two. It’s pretty easy to buy a fake gold medal, making these costumes the easy last minute go-to.


It’s About to Get Political


Best Costumes for Halloween

This election year, the presidential nominees have dominated the news for better or for worse. Halloween is the perfect time for politically-minded people to either show their support or broadcast their disdain for political candidates. In fact, I saw a Trump and a Hillary mask at CVS, which is pretty mainstream if you ask me. I would also expect to see some Bernie Sanders wandering around, wacky hair and all. You can also expect to see crowd favorite/viral sensation, Kenneth Bone!


So. Many. Creepy. Clowns.


CBS News

My first question is: is there any other kind? But alas, my own clown-distaste aside, apparently there is an epidemic of “creepy clown” sightings across the nation, some of them even involving crimes. Don’t believe me, google it (at your own risk!) Since these creepy clowns seem to be popping up all over, except those sightings to increase as Halloween draws near. Needless to say, creepy clowns are pretty much a Halloween staple but this year those pranksters have upped the Creepy Clown ante. So get ready to get scared!


Are You Ready to Get Your Harley Quinn On?


Let’s face it, Harley Quinn costumes might just be the go-to costume for ladies this year. It’s just creepy enough, just cute enough, and that makeup is both easy to apply and looks pretty fun. Plus, who doesn’t want an excuse to wear dig-dyed pigtails?! Cosplayers have already done her justice, let’s see if everyone else can master the look.

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Honorable Mentions

It’s been a wild year filled with Olympic wins, scandals, some great TV and so, so many memes.  As October drifts towards November and Summer melts away into Fall, we have once last chance to revel in the craziness of 2016. Looking for more ideas? Check out our list of honorable mentions!

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jessica jones


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kimmy schmidt


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broad city



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Finding Dory

finding dory

For the Boys

Let’s end on a positive note, shall we? If pop culture is less your style, take a gander at these creative costumes that require only some bold makeup and a trip to Michaels.


Netflix & Chill

netflix and chill


Titanic Frozen Jack and Rose



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social media

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fairy oddparents

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halloween makeup

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50 Shades of Gray

50 shades of gray

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What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?


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