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Here's How You Can Get Your Money Back on Accidental Purchases in the App Store

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
September 15, 2016 · 2.3k Views

Have you ever opened your e-mail to see a receipt for an app purchase you didn’t make or authorize? After the initial confusion and shock subsided, how extremely frustrated did you feel? You just lost money on something you didn’t even purchase, and now you have to sit on hold for an hour to try and maybe get the issue resolved?! Even though a lot of people think that they must do this in order to get a refund, the truth is that it actually doesn’t have to be such a dreadful process if you know the right steps to take! The processes are a bit different for Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store, so read carefully, depending on the device you have!


iTunes App Store

Apple’s process for refunds is very similar to Google’s, although unlike Google, Apple will retro refund any app, in-app, or media purchases made within the last 90 days! The process is the same in that you’ll still have to report the issue, request a refund, and wait for a rep to review your refund request. There are several different ways to do this, all of which involve filling out the form on the “Report a Problem” page:

  • One way is to go to the Apple website and navigate to the “Report a Problem” page. To do this, simply sign in with your Apple ID, navigate to the tab associated with app questions, and then click “Report a Problem” to get to the page. Select your issue from the drop down menu, or select “Problem is not listed here” and tell them what the issue is surrounding your refund request.

  • You can also use the email receipt that you receive after your purchase was made. On here, there is a direct link to the “Report a Problem” page.

  • Lastly, you can access the “Report a Problem” page directly from iTunes.



Google Play Store

Refunds from the Google Play Store are very simple, with clear rules and instructions, making it super easy to get your money back from any accidental purchases or subscriptions. There are a few things to keep in mind when dealing with the Google Play Store:

  • If the purchase was made within the last 2-hours, your refund will be processed immediately with no waiting period. To report a recent issue like this, simply open the Google Play Store on the your device, and click the menu tab. From there, login to your account and select “order history. Scroll down to the purchase that you want refunded and click “refund” to uninstall it. The money will be refunded within just a few hours.

  • If it’s been more than 2 hours but less than 48 hours since the purchase was made, you’ll have to fill out a short form to have your report reviewed. Filling out the form is very quick and easy, but you’ll need to gather some information from your receipt, such as your purchase order number, to fill it out. It then takes about 2-business days for the team to review your claim, and either approve or deny it.

  • To request a refund for purchases made within the last 2-7 days, you’ll need to use a web browser to get to your Google Play account, because there isn’t an option for this on the app. Still, this process is quite easy, just like the others. Simply find your “order history” on the website, select the purchase that you want refunded, and click the “report a problem” tab. Fill out this online form and just wait for approval. Again, this process takes a few business days for them to complete, but they are typically very responsive and helpful once the process has started.


In either case, keep in mind that if the purchase was just made and the payment hasn’t even cleared yet, the option to get a refund probably isn’t available yet either. You’ll have to wait until your payment has cleared before the “request a refund” link becomes available.


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