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Here's How You Can Get Your Summer Unicorn Hair Sans Damage and Commitment!

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June 26, 2017 · 1.4k Views

Bumble and bumble (BB) creates some of the best hair products for hair of every type. You can browse much talked about products from various BB lines that help with hair protection and check out their styling products for voluminous curls or beachy waves. With their wide range of products, Bumble makes it darn easy to maintain styled hair on the reg. (Something we’ve all struggled with).

Bumble and bumble recently launched a new product called the Bb.Color Stick that’s been trending in the hair world. The color stick is great for those looking to cover gray hair or bridge the gap between your dye jobs. (We’ve all been there). You can use Bb.Color Stick in 5 different natural shades or go full-on summer unicorn (or mermaid?) style and try these vibrant colors from Bb.Color Stick limited-edition collection! Take a look at the Bb.Color Stick collection below.

All Bb.Color Sticks retails for $26 each plus, you can enjoy an extra 15% off any item at bumbleandbumble.com with our code BBDEALSPLUS at checkout.

bb color stick lilac

 Limited Edition Bb.Color Stick in Lilac


bb color stick in ballet

Limited Edition Bb.Color Stick in Ballet


bb color stick in pacifica

Limited Edition Bb.Color Stick in Pacific


bb color stick in flamingo

Limited Edition Bb.Color Stick in Flamingo


Using the Bb.Color Stick, you can easily add some pops of color to your hair, feel free to use one or all four and go all out with your rainbow summer hair! Take a look at how Sephora put their ombre spin on the Bb.Color Stick below. The Bb.Color Sticks are a great way to get the fun colors without worrying about hair damage or expensive maintenance.

Tip: grab a small section of your hair (see video below) and start brushing out some color. It’s okay if it’s too much product or patchy at first because the color sticks can be easily blended out using your fingertips!

For general root cover up, take a look at all of the available colors from BB’s natural shade collection. The velvety formula will help blend and cover any gray areas you may have. Moreover, for certain hairstyles, you can try applying the stick to the root and scalp area that are sparse and blend it out with your fingers to reduce the appearance of the hairline and make your hair look fuller!

bb color stick natural

 Bb.Color Stick in Natural Shades (left to right): Blonde, Dark Blonde, Red, Brown, and Black.


Ways to Save Even More at Bumble and Bumble

Visit Bumble and Bumble’s offers page each time you shop so you don’t miss out on their latest offers and discounts. Remember, you can save an extra 15% off any purchase with code BBDEALSPLUS from now through June 28, 2017. Moreover, with your purchase of $40 or more, you can also opt to use coupon code BBNEW for a free 6-piece set ($45 value). For more details on these offers, click here.

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