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Here's What You Need to Know About Apple's Newest Products

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
August 11, 2016 · 7k Views

Apple is one of the hottest and most cutting-edge technology companies around. And let’s face it, you’re either a Microsoft fan or an Apple fan. If you happen to be an Apple fan, you’re in luck. Apple has a lot going on within the next year. You may have heard about the new iPhone 7, but that’s not all Apple has in the works. The company has been busy with other new updates as well.

Want to stay on top of the latest Apple news? All you have to do is keep reading. We have the scoop on when you can expect the latest iPhone, as well as other Apple products.

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 New iPhone 7

This is what the iPhone 7 might look like. Source: CNET

You probably heard the news that the iPhone 7 is rumored to be released in September. There was some confusion about the actual release date at first, but from what is currently being reported, Apple will make the announcement on September 7. Pre-orders will begin on September 9 and the new iPhone will be officially released on September 16.

Now let’s clarify something else. The actual name of the phone is not iPhone 7. The name will supposedly be iPhone 6SE, in keeping with its predecessor iPhone 6S.

Claims of the iPhone 7 design. Source: Mirror.co.uk

The most interesting feature on the new iPhone 6SE is its advanced photography capabilities. It features a dual camera that can sharpen low-light photos. The photos will also be brighter and include more detail. This is in part due to dual sensors that take photos at the same time and then merge them into one photo. Another advantage of the dual sensors is that the user can zoom in and retain clarity without getting a fuzzy image.

On top of that, there will actually be two new phones. One will have a 4.7 inch screen, while the other will have a screen measuring 5.5 inches. The smaller phone won’t have the dual sensor technology.

It might be completely waterproof. Source: Mirror.co.uk

There are some other changes to keep in mind. The two innermost antenna lines will be removed. Neither phone will have a headphone jack, which means you’ll have to use Bluetooth connectivity or the charging port. This means there will be a second speaker. There will also be a redesigned Home button, which will respond to pressure rather than a click.

The new phones will have an iOS 10 operating system, which will be released on all Apple products this fall. The new operating system will come with new messaging features, a redesigned Apple Music, apps for controlling smart home appliances and widgets that allow you to easily view appointments and contacts.

Can we expect better sound quality from the iPhone 7? Source: Mirror.co.uk

But if you’re looking for an all-new redesigned iPhone, save your money for next year’s 10th anniversary edition. Apple has huge plans for a redesign in 2017, so stay tuned.


 New Apple Watch 2

Source: Phone Arena

It’s rumored that you’ll see two new Apple watches hitting the shelves by the end of this year. One is an upgrade to the current watch, which was released in 2015. This upgrade includes better waterproofing and a better processor. The new watch, set to be called Apple Watch 2, will have these benefits, plus a bigger battery, a GPS and barometer.

In 2017, future Apple watches will likely feature LTE connectivity. This means that you won’t need a phone or Wi-Fi to use the watch.

Shipment quantities of the Apple Watch have dropped dramatically since last year. In the second quarter of 2015, 3.6 million units of the watch were shipped. In the second quarter of this year, only 1.6 million units were shipped.


 MacBook Pro Overhaul

Source: Apple

While Apple won’t be making any new laptops anytime soon, the company does plan to redesign its line of MacBook Pro laptops. The last redesign was four years ago. The new laptops will be thinner than previous versions. With the OLED touchpad, function keys will have their own touchscreen strip. The USB ports will be upgraded to USB-C, which might not make some consumers happy, as this means they’ll have to buy new adapters for their devices. The new and improved laptops will get graphics upgrades so the processors will be more powerful and efficient. This will appeal to gamers and those who use graphic design applications.

While it was once believed that iPads would replace laptops, Apple actually saw Mac sales rise 6% in the last fiscal year, while iPad sales actually dropped by 23%. iPad sales peaked in 2013, and research shows that consumers tend to replace iPads every three years. This makes now a good time for Apple to unveil its overhauled laptops.

Apple has many new updates to help with the slowing sales the company experienced several months ago. Since many people want the latest and greatest technology, Apple can expect sales to surge and stock to rise. While the revamped watches and laptops may not be huge sellers, there’s a strong possibility millions of people will be lining up to get their new iPhone when it’s released.


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Linsay Thomas is a seasoned writer and editor who has written thousands of articles about topics such as saving money, healthcare, law, pets and education. She hails from California, where she lives with her husband, two children and a menagerie of pets. When she's not writing, she enjoys sports, breeding chocolate Labs and visiting the beach.

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