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21 Hilarious Must-See April Fool's Pranks

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March 29, 2016 · 3.6k Views

It’s almost that time of the year again where all pranks lets loose. April Fool’s, also known as All Fool’s Day is considered one of the most light-hearted days of the year. Which means… it’s time to play some pranks y’all.

Here’s a few you might consider this year


1. Mayo Donuts

Got a donut lover among you? Remove cream and pipe some mayo in there instead. Is this evil? Yeah. Is it funny? Heck yeah. Maybe save a non-mayo donut to make it up to them.


2. Jello Prank

Need some prankspiration? Jim from The Office can surely provide some.


3. Fake Poop

So easy to do. Smear fake poop on the floor, on a co-worker’s hand in the next stall and get creative with where you can leave Nutella poop smears. They’ll be so happy when they find out it's just Nutella!


4. “Help me with some aquatic tricks friend.”

If you can, we highly recommend this one.


5. Classic Hide and Scream

Original pranks, can’t go wrong if you pull it off right. Ellen Degeneres doing it right!


6. Pie Someone

This one is pretty fun. Just uh… beware of the consequences.


7. How to Spot a Gold Digger 

Would you try it?


8. Honey, the car is eating you.

This dad is somethin’ else.


9. These Boys Ain’t Loyal

Look at him go.


10. Hey ma let’s go for a ride.

Not for the faint of heart.


11. Karma is a…

You all got that one friend.


12. “I did some remodeling… on your car.”

Live in a windy city? Consider a nice layer of saran wrap on top of it.


13. Tape someone’s cell phone underneath their chair. Proceed to call and help them find it.

We all have that one friend who’s glued to their phone.


14. Phone Shortcut Hack


Have access to a friend or family member’s phone? Change some shortcuts and see what happens.


15. Fake Text Messages


For iPhone users only, you can use this free app to create a magical (and fake) conversation with anyone from the President of the United States to Justin Bieber. There are many ways you can prank with this trick… we’ll leave that up to you.


16. “The Prank within a Prank”


The only answer to someone begging for a new iPhone to be quite honest.


17. Spider Prank


Got a Ron Weasley you’d like to freak out? Drop a giant fake spider on them at any unsuspecting moment. Camera at the ready.


18. Double Stuffed Oreo… with toothpaste


See if your kid will reach for Oreos ever again.


19. Does this dinner smell funky to you?


An easy prank for kids!


20. Grocery store workers… take note.


Just hand them a prank proof grocery bag later and hope they have a sense of humor.


21.  Best Prank of 2016 (Extreme Measures Were Taken in Conducting this Prank)



The door to Narnia is located at your nearest porta potty.

Happy April Fool’s Day! Which prank would you try?



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