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Should You Hire a Personal Trainer?

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March 29, 2014 · 1.2k Views

Looking to put some oomph into your workouts? You might want to consider a personal trainer, but this option is not for everyone. Is this the right choice for your workouts? Check out the pros and cons before deciding if hiring an expert is the best option for your workout or weight loss plan.


Increased Motivation

If you find yourself making every excuse possible to skip your workouts, you may need to have another person who holds you accountable and pushes you through your exercise regime. Personal trainers are ideal for boosting your motivation, which may help you to better reach your goals.

Targeted Training

Not everyone knows about the best ways to target their own training. Even experienced exercisers may need some assistance with selecting the best moves to build muscle, enhance stamina or lose weight. The ability to tailor your workouts to your specific needs and goals makes a personal trainer a better option than going it on your own at the gym.

Reaching Goals

Whether you want to lose weight or participate in your first 5K, a personal trainer can help you get to those goals when you want to reach them. Because personal trainers know how to target training for faster results, they can also help you to create a workout based on a specific timeline for a fitness or weight loss goal.

Eating Advice

For most people, losing weight is not just a matter of exercising more. To lose weight safely and quickly, you need a two-pronged approach to address both your activity level and the food you eat. Some trainers can help you find the right meal plan for your weight loss efforts. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, a trainer may give you tips for foods to help you to build muscle or maintain your energy levels throughout your workout. Look for personal trainers who also have certification in nutrition if you need this type of advice.

Home Workouts

Many personal trainers work out of gyms, but some will come to your home to assist you with a workout. This option is best for those who need targeted training in a private environment or who may have difficulty getting to the gym. Before you invite a trainer into your home, get a list of references and check any credentials given. You may also want to run a background check, especially if the trainer will be working alone with you or your children.



The biggest reason most people avoid personal trainers is the cost, and costs will vary widely depending on where you live, the expertise of the trainer and services offered. Think about how much money you waste on gym memberships you never use. If you had a personal trainer, would you be more likely to use that membership? How important are results to you? Are you willing to spend a little more to get faster results?

No Sick Days

With a personal trainer, it may sometimes feel like having your own drill sergeant. You will not be able to give any excuses, especially if the trainer comes to your home. Your trainer may make you work through a minor ailment that makes you feel under the weather.

Wrong Trainer

It’s always possible that you could get the wrong personal trainer for your personality or workout style. While trainers are supposed to stretch you to your limits, you should be able to take direction from your trainer and trust him or her to be up to date on proper maneuvers. To avoid this problem, get referrals from friends and family for a trainer and check up on the trainer’s previous clients.

Weigh the pros and cons of hiring a personal trainer, or hire one a short trial basis to get a better idea of whether this exercise approach is right for you.


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