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10 H&M Shopping Tips for More Affordable Fashion

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Linsay ThomasGuest Blogger
August 29, 2016 · 7.2k Views

Source: newsweek.com

Enjoy clothes shopping? Like to wear fashionable clothing but you’re on a limited budget? Then you need to check out H&M, if you haven’t already done so. H&M is a Swedish retailer that offers a treasure trove of designer clothing. Shopping at H&M is similar to shopping at TJ Maxx, but expect to find clothing that’s even more fashionable and at a lower price.

H&M already offers low prices, but there’s always room to save more. Whether you’re an H&M newbie or a seasoned shopping pro, here are some tips to make your wallet even happier on your next trip.

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  1. Save 15% on your next purchase.

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    If you regularly shop online, you might not know about this, since this promotion is in-store only. If you bring in old clothes, you’ll receive a coupon good for 15% off your next purchase! Bring in those old clothes that no longer fit or you just don’t wear anymore. You can also donate towels and textiles. Bag them up and drop them off at your nearest H&M. Let an associate know you’re donating some clothes and they’ll watch you drop them in the bins. They’ll then reward you with a coupon. The coupon is good for a few months and it includes sale items. The only restriction is that it must be used in-store. Depending on where you live, it might be worth the drive to your nearest H&M. Read more about it here.
  2. ​​Shop often.

    Source: bloomberg.com
    H&M receives new shipments all the time. In fact, all stores receive new items at least twice a week. Some larger ones might even receive them every day. If you want to be the first to get your hands on new fashion, make it a point to take a weekly trip to your local store.
  3. Shop in the afternoons.

    Source: zimbio.com
    Deliveries arrive in the mornings, so the new arrivals will be out on the floor by the afternoon. Stop in during your lunch break and take a look.
  4. Decode the price tags.

    Source: alterationsneeded.
    We typically have four seasons – winter, spring, summer and fall – but at H&M, the store has nine seasons! By knowing which season H&M is in, you can find out how to save. Look at a price tag and identify the numeric code under the first bar code. The season will be the seventh number in that code. If it says “4” on the majority of the items, that means you’re in season 4. If season 3 clothes are still at full price, they won’t be for long. Expect a sale in the near future.
  5. Download the app.

    Source: gatorjake.wordpress.com
    Looking for an easy way to get discounts? Download the app. It’s free for Android and iOS and you’ll receive alerts when there are new deals and discounts waiting for you. You’ll often find 30% off coupons when you open the app, so shop often and save.
  6. Buy it now.

    Source: michellesui.wordpress.com
    H&M has a fast turnaround time when it comes to clothes. They offer a ton of different designs, but they’re in limited quantities, so once they’re gone, they’re gone. There’s no reordering.  If you see something you like today, you better snatch it up quickly because it might not be there next week. You can hope and pray that it’ll be marked down next week, but nothing is for certain. Get it now or live with the regret.
  7. Sign up for their newsletter.

    Source: hm.com
    If you like receiving coupons – who doesn’t? – sign up for H&M’s mailing list. You’ll receive emails with discounts and other offers. Just or signing up, you’ll receive a coupon good for 20% off one item. Signing up for the mailing list is a good way to find out about special discount days for students and teachers. Twice a year, H&M offers 15% off days for teachers and students who provide a valid ID upon checkout.

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  8. Shop in June and November.

    Source: wsj.com
    These are the months in which H&M offers its biggest sales of the year. So mark your calendars if you want to save big!
  9. Return unwanted items quickly.

    Source: thesun.co.uk
    ​H&M is strict about its 30-day return policy, which applies to clothing that has been unwashed and unworn. If you bring something home and you’re having buyer’s remorse (it happens to the best of us!), keep your receipt and bring it back promptly. Once you pass the 30-day mark, your only option is to receive store credit, but you’ll only be credited with the current selling price. If you bought a shirt for $20 and it has now been marked down to $10, you’ll get only $10 in store credit.
  10. Call another store to see if they have your size.

    Source: insideretail.com.au
    You may have found a gorgeous dress you’d love to buy…if only it were in your size. No worries! Have a sales associate call another store nearby and see if they have it. This will save you the hassle of driving around town in vain.


When you shop at H&M, you can keep your wardrobe fresh and exciting while saving money. You can look like a million bucks without having to spend anywhere close to that amount. Use the hacks above to shop at the right times and get more for your hard-earned dollar.


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