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10 Hotel Amenities You Can No Longer Expect

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Stephanie MialkiGuest Blogger
September 21, 2016 · 1.9k Views

Businesses are constantly evolving to keep up with changing times and to be as customer-friendly as possible. Fast food establishments are becoming more lounge-based, grocery stores are adopting convenient online shopping processes, and even hotel chains are going through many changes! Here is a list of things that we’ve grown to associate with hotels over the years, that are now disappearing before our eyes.

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These Items Are No Longer Offered as Hotel Amenities

  1. Bibles 
    Whether you requested one or not, they’ve always just been there. When you opened the drawer in your bedside table, there sat a bible. Many hotels have done away with the policy of having a bible in every room. While some hotels still have a few copies at the service desk in case anyone requests one, most hotels have done away with putting one in every single room.
  2. Bed Scarves and Throw Pillows 
    Another hotel trend that has been fading for quite some time now, is one that a lot of millennials probably didn’t even know existed, and that is the old trend of bed scarfs and throw pillows. Since most people just threw them on the floor when they got into bed, hotels decided to do away with them completely. “Why add the unnecessary expense?” is what they figured.

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  3. Bathtubs 
    While we do still see bathtubs in plenty of hotel rooms today, they are actually are becoming less and less common, as hotels are looking to cut costs and maximize square footage space. One way they are cutting costs is by saving on water, as an average shower uses far less water than filling up an entire bathtub with water. Few people actually utilize bathtubs in hotel rooms anyway, as they are just using the room as a place to sleep for the night. In sum, showers and bathtubs serve the same exact purpose, but showers they take up much less space and they are cheaper to maintain.
  4. Carpets 
    Hotels are aware of the stigma that surrounds these unsanitary and difficult-to-thoroughly-clean flooring options. So instead, many are switching to a sleeker look and choosing vinyl or hardwood as an alternative. Although they don’t have the noise reducing quality that carpets do, they definitely make the room seem much more clean and sanitary.
  5. Closets 
    Just as hotels are getting rid of bathtubs to save space, they are also getting rid of closets more and more these days. Instead of closets, many hotels are opting for wall hooks or cubbies, curtained off in the wall near the door, as to not waste space. In addition, without closets, there is more floor space for guests!
  6. Linen Turndowns 
    We’re all used to daily turndowns and bedding replacement at hotels, right? Well now, hotels are leaning away from this routine, and just making the beds daily instead. This saves the hotel tons of money on housekeeping costs and laundry costs - not to mention the time it saves them, as well! Plus, do we really need our sheets changed EVERY day?
  7. Wi-Fi Charges 
    Believe it or not, some hotels are still charging for Wi-Fi. In a world where we can get Wi-Fi for free at nearly every fast food restaurant, doesn’t seem funny that a hotel would try to charge for the service? Some hotels provide loyalty programs in which you can get Wi-Fi with your points, and there are others that just straight-up charge you for it. Hopefully this will be a thing of the past shortly.

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  8. Front Desks 
    It definitely isn’t happening overnight, but it is happening. Hotels are slowly getting rid of their front desks or reception areas. As strange as it sounds, and looks for those of us accustomed to seeing check-in desks in hotels, they’re slowly being replaced with work stations and laptops. Instead, lounge areas containing seating, televisions, and the like, are becoming more and more common. Most people make reservations online anyway, so do we really need somebody to sit by the door to watch people come in and out?
  9. Room Cards 
    Once upon a time, hotels actually handed out real keys to get into hotel rooms. But then, technology advanced, of course, and we started using key cards to enter the rooms. Well, as always, technology is advancing again and now some hotels are even starting to use smartphone apps to get into rooms! Crazy, right? But it’s actually just as simple as using Google Wallet at the register at Starbucks!
  10. Room Service 
    Quite possibly the most surprising endangered species at hotels is room service. Contrary to the movies, room service isn’t always available, and even when it is, the menu is limited and over-priced. For a hotel to schedule employees 24/7 because of the slight chance that someone might order chocolate covered strawberries at 3am is just silly!


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Stephanie Mialki is a mommy of two under two, a fitness enthusiast, and a digital marketing guru. She spends all of her spare time….oh wait, what spare time? She has a passion for business building and has successfully assisted more than 20 entrepreneurs start their own companies.