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Hottest Fashion Trends for Summer

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July 12, 2013 · 1.3k Views

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With the arrival of the summer season comes a brand new chance at updating your wardrobe. 2013 has been a promising year in terms of fashion, giving us all a reason (excuse) to go out and update our look. While some of the new trends may initially seem outside your comfort zone, this year’s top fashion trends are actually highly adaptable and can be incorporated into your individual look to suit your unique style. All it takes is a bit of guidance — a glimpse into the trends that will have you looking your best this season.


Gone are the days of 80’s-inspired tracksuits and colorful baseball caps. Actually, in recent years, sportswear hasn’t just become increasingly svelte and stylish; it has become less exclusively male. This time last year, with thinning lines and minimalistic silhouettes, we celebrated the return of femininity in regards to sports fashion, from trainers to sweatpants. As far as female sportswear goes, it doesn’t have to be about football and baseball uniforms, but about casual chic. Now, fitness gear and sportswear is at a new level of sophistication, and works to show a slick and healthy attitude towards living your life. Some of our favorite places to shop for stylish sportswear are Lululemon and Athleta.


Bohemian is back in a big way this year. This trend is mainly inspired from the late-60’s and 70’s rock and roll era, but with a pleasurably modern twist. Ranging from suede outfits, flowery dresses and wide-brimmed hats, this trend is definitely in vogue right now. 2013 collections in high-street retailers are bound to be bursting with colorful, hippie-chic displays. With a variety of pieces made using light fabrics and prints, fashion has found an effective way to draw from the past, whilst remaining very much contemporary. For some great bohemian options we like Planet Blue, you can also check out some really original boho inspired accessories at ShopLately.


2013 was a new age in terms of masculine style for women. This all started in 2011-2012, when shops were introducing blazers, masculine accessories and sportswear to the ordinary female consumer. 2013 built on this trend by focusing on male tailoring — this summer, shoppers will notice combinations like masculine suiting with high-heeled shoes. This year exemplified the movement away from neutrality, and towards what has been termed as “sexualized masculinity” for women — this summer it seems as though the tomboy is back with a vengeance.

Earthy Colors

Going back to that 1960’s influence, the summer of 2013 has seen the rejuvenation of earthy colors and tribal fashion statements. Earthy shades — burnt orange, dirty gold and subtle shades of brown work to inspire peaceful ideas and flair that flourished in the 60’s. In 2013, combining these colors of dress, top, skirt with hints of blue and burgundy provide just enough delicacy to be seen as a trend in its own right. These details provide a timeless style and artistry with something a little more modern.  Nordstrom has some amazing earth toned dresses right now and their Anniversary sale is just about to kick off, which means it is a great time to take a look at what they have!

Let us know in the comments how you incorporate these trends into your own unique look!

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