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How Going to a Wedding Solo this Spring Is the Best Thing That Could Ever Happen to You

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April 27, 2016 · 1.5k Views

Now that I am in my mid-twenties, I am receiving two dreaded pieces of mail all of the time; bills and wedding invitations. The former takes my money, while the latter takes all my chill. But after attending a few weddings alone (some by choice, some not), I’ve been warming up to their arrival in my mailbox--even looking forward to them. As someone who has sat through the vows and awkward dances, I can confidently say going to a wedding solo will be one of the best things you do this spring. (I still hate receiving bills in the mail though.)


You Meet People

You’re thinking, “Uh, yeah, that’s the terrifying part.” But the undervalued advantage of attending a wedding sans plus one is you’re not tied to your table or trying to entertain your guest. You’re more than free to float amongst tables, the dance floor, talk with the bridal party and engage in captivating conversation with people of all ages. With a guest, you can be stuck to that person or hope you mutually want to flee to the next table when the conversation at your wedding table gets stiff. In addition to meeting people in general, you can meet potential significant others. That’s how I’ve met people in the past!

You Stay Focused on the Day

So, let’s face it. As much as we want to indulge ourselves into believing we don’t experience a flurry of radical emotions on someone’s wedding day, we do. And it’s very easy to lose sight that this day is about the union between the couple you’re celebrating—not the “couple” you hope to be in, or are in. When you attend a wedding solo, you can focus on the bride and groom. And it truly feels more special to share that moment with them.

You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I am very outgoing, and I'm that annoying person who’s “never met a stranger.” But even the most outgoing, confident, adventurous people become timid in particular settings. Weddings especially. They are typically very intimate, and you’re suddenly plucked from your comfort zone and thrown into a whirling scene of family, love, religion and intimacy. Really, I think going at all is an accomplishment. But then, it’s those same qualities that make the night feel so beautiful and magical once the initial awkwardness subsides. I made some of my closest friends at weddings and bridal showers. You can really prove to yourself how entertaining and independent you are by attending events solo.

You Become A Dancing Machine 

I don’t care if you’ve never moved a muscle in your body before—some strange law of physics requires, no, it ensures you are dancing at all times. My best guess is because you’re over making small talk, you naturally are inclined to dance? Hey, science can’t explain it, but I have the pictures to prove it. And you get to dance with everyone! The father of the bride, girlfriends, and other single attendants! 


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