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How Long Will Your Car Run on Empty?

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October 13, 2016 · 2.2k Views

If you've ever seen your low fuel light illuminated, you probably understand the feeling of stress due to not knowing how long and how far you can go before you car runs out of gas. God forbid if you're stuck in traffic and the light dings (well it doesn't really ding but you know what we mean) on, just look down below for your car's make and model and find out how many miles your car can make it before all hope is snuffed out. 

Car not listed? That means it's time for a new one. Just kidding. For those in the market for a new (or pre-owned) car, you can also use the chart as a reference for top selling cars make and model and how much mileage each car gets out of a low fuel tank. Check it out below!

low fuel infographic

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