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How to Decorate Outdoors for Christmas on a Budget

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Thomas RIckGuest Blogger
December 05, 2019 · 981 Views

Christmas is always a magical time. It’s the time of joy and happiness everyone can feel. Every year when December is coming, all people are chasing Christmas presents and decorations for themselves and their loved ones. So, there’s no doubt that this month you probably spend the most money. Christmas balls and trees tempt you to buy them at a bargain price. But what to do if you run out of money and you still don’t have your outdoors decorated? And all your neighbours’ houses have been already shining with the glow of trinkets. You probably would like to keep up with them or even show better ornaments off. Then, there are many simple tricks on how to decorate outdoors for Christmas on a budget. Not always must you purchase new decorations. You can use the old ones, borrow something from friends, or use your own imagination and creativity to do it yourself. 


Fairy Lights

The best and the most common idea of how to decorate outdoors when you’re broke is to dig out dusty fairy lights, found in the attic. Simple as they are, they give probably the most beautiful light effect. You can hang them either at the porch, above the front door, in windows, or on your garden bushes. The more colourful they are, the better the impression they create. The size doesn’t matter so much. What counts is their number. You can put a few sets of fairy lights outside but remember not to exaggerate, or your house will look like the Christmas tree. For more inspiration click here



Another vital element of your decorations should be greenery. If you have lots of bushes in the garden in front of your house, you should decorate them with some lights or light balls. Hanging some glossy Christmas balls on them is also a great idea. However, if you don’t have any greenery in the yard, don’t worry. There’s a way out of this situation. You can make a beautiful wreath from conifers and dress it with a red band, rowanberry, and cones, or use small Christmas ornaments, with which you usually decorate your Christmas tree. Such a home-made wreath will look ideally on the front door to invite all your guests. 

DIY Christmas Decorations 

Similarly to the wreath, you can do other decorations by yourself. On the Internet, you’ll certainly find many creative ideas. For example, having old tyres, you can transform them into huge Christmas balls by spraying paint on them and painting some Christmas pictures, such as Santa Claus’s face, Christmas tree, reindeer, or a snowflake. At the top of them, you can put a small bucket upside down and Christmas balls are ready. 


Instead, if you prefer smaller baubles, coloured plastic balls will be helpful. Using garden hooks, you can hang them around your porch and the entrance. Because they’re easy to make, you can encourage kids to help you and engage them in Christmas preparations. That will be a great spur to have a lot of fun together. 


Except for balls, you can also make some illuminated stars and snowflakes from wood and then paint them in white. They will look incredible, especially at night between trees. For a random passerby, they will be indistinguishable from real stars. 


Sledge or Ice Skates

Some people who love winter sports or have children possess such equipment as a sledge or ice skates, buried somewhere in the garden shed. Then, it’ll be enough if they find them and put in front of their houses with the association of other Christmas decorations like Christmas presents made from large paper boxes. They can be set in the buckets with conifer branches and Christmas socks, a few pairs of which everyone has in their wardrobe. 


Christmas Garden Gnomes

If you don’t have time for doing decorations by yourself, you can always ask your friends if they can lend you some Christmas garden gnomes, like Santa Claus, reindeer or elves. You don’t need a lot of them, just a few to make your garden as if it were a magical wonderland. Showing them in the garden will make all your neighbours green with envy. 



Finally, lacking any other ideas and money in the pocket, but having a lot of snow outside, you can make an enormous and impressive snowman. Again, it’ll bring you and your friends or children a lot of joy and fun. It’s an excellent occasion to spend more time together, preparing yourself for the upcoming Christmas. 


All in all, decorating outdoors for Christmas on a budget can be an exciting experience. As you have already noticed, many decorations are quite easy to make on your own, giving you an additional chance to spend time with your family and friends. And Christmas should be all about it- love and happiness. 

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Thomas is a frequent traveller and freelance writer. He has finished her studies in the literature. He likes to write on travel, General and current affairs. He also works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing blog writing and copywriting services.

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