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How to Earn Money by Playing Online Games

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Nash M.K.Guest Blogger
June 30, 2020 · 942 Views

In these uncertain times, everyone’s out to make a buck simply because they don’t want to starve. The coronavirus pandemic has also made working difficult under the new normal of things, so everyone is encouraged – or, in some cases, ordered – to stay at home.

While some are able to work at home, there are those unfortunate enough to be stuck home. Most people resort to playing video games to ease the boredom. Did you know that you can also earn money playing video games?

There are two ways this can be achieved, but this is not for everyone. If you’re really good at playing games, or if you’re really good at games of chance, then you can check these out. Otherwise, you could check other ways to make legitimate money off the Web.

Playing Games of Chance

Rather than playing MOBA (massive online battle arenas) like Vainglory and other similar games in the genre, some people choose to play games of chance. There are websites which allow you to play these without any investment on your part. Some of them pay legit cash straight to your account, while others are riding the wave of the future – they pay out in bitcoin.

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There are other websites which lets you play with REAL games. These are casual puzzle games and other video games in a similar genre. Such sites pay out in real money, but most of them pays out from a minimum of $.99 going up. There are some which, unfortunately, are not real, so be on your guard when choosing a website to sign up with to start playing games for money.

If these are not your thing, then you could choose to go another route, one that’s gaining huge popularity today.

Playing for eSports Glory

While there are only some that are the best in playing video games, this section deserves a mention, since it is a legitimate way to make money playing online games. The best go on to fight with others on the world stage through eSports. These athletes mostly earn through winning competitions and sponsorships, which can range anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars.

Still not convinced this is for you? The last section is fast gaining popularity, if it isn’t as popular as you think it is already.

Playing Games to Stream Them

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These days, video game streaming has gained huge popularity, thanks to the rise of MOBA games like PUBG and the popularity of streamers. Personalities like PewDiePie have blazed the trail for others to follow. With most people in lockdown, there is potential to gain a huge following by dispensing advice in solving a particularly difficult level, or simply recording yourself doing silly things in games for a bit of comic relief in these trying times.

There are lots of ways to gain money online, but there are very few – or none at all – that is as fun as playing video games. What’s your favourite go-to in making money online?

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Nash Kingston is an avid gamer. He used to play on a 15-year-old potato PC, and managed to earn enough to buy an ROG rig. He hasn’t left home since then.

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