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10 Healthy Menu Items at Taco Bell You Need to See

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March 30, 2016 · 8.2k Views

Source: Business Insider via Taco Bell

If you think fast food can't be healthy, think again. Taco Bell has proven that their menu options stretch far beyond Doritos Locos tacos and Quesalupas - a chewy Chalupa taco shell stuffed with pepper jack cheese inside and of course all your taco fillings. In a pledge to rid their items of artificial ingredients and using cage-free eggs, Taco Bell is jumping on the latest health craze to reinvent the reputation of fast food.

They already offer the Fresco menu for calorie watchers (the "make it Fresco" option eliminates cheese, rice, and sour cream, and adds pico de gallo), a Cantina menu for protein fanatics, and a vegetarian menu that has the stamp of approval by the American Vegetarian Association. Moreover, since 2008, the company has reduced sodium across the menu by 15%. Even better, you can customize each menu item to fit your food to your lifestyle.

Source: Taco Bell Wikia

Whether you’re looking for meatless, made without gluten, high protein, lower calorie/lower fat, in the mood for something indulgent, or all of the above, Taco Bell has food for all.

- Taco Bell

If you're ever curious about what exactly you're eating at Taco Bell, check out their full nutrition information. They were one of the first fast food chains to disclose all the information online to their consumers, so now there are (hopefully) no secrets and you can calculate your order with their nutrition calculator.

Source: Man Reviews Food

What I admire about Taco Bell is that they're not going around tooting their own horns and declaring themselves as a health maven. They're simply saying that they're offering healthier choices for those who want them. From being given the option to add or remove ingredients in any of their menu items to having a section of their online food menu dedicated to vegetarian options, there is plenty you can do to make better dietary choices. Let's be honest, Taco Bell is still fast food at the end of the day, and if you're going to grab a Quesarito - a burrito wrapped with a cheesy quesadilla - forget about healthy.

Follow Taco Bell's food journey to see what they've done throughout the years to make Taco Bell (one of their menu developers is a registered dietitian!) better than ever. Live más!

Source: Taco Bell

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Daisy loves to write with humor and can be quite the sarcastic commentator when it is appropriate. Loves carbs, fashion, staying active, and pinning the latest DIY projects for her room (which she will actually never do).
MissesSunshineMar 30, 2016
Wow, I had no clue that Taco Bell had a vegetarian menu. I never thought I would say this....but, I think I will go to Taco Bell this weekend!

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