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How to File Your Taxes Straight From Your Smartphone

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Carrie SmithGuest Blogger
January 04, 2017 · 2.7k Views

No one enjoys organizing and preparing their taxes. It’s often a job that takes an entire night, or even weekend, to complete. Thankfully though, there are easier and more time efficient ways to file your taxes simply by using your phone. Here’s how to take the headache out of tax season by filing your taxes straight from your mobile phone.

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How to File Your Taxes Straight From Your Smartphone smartphone icon

1. Download a trustworthy tax app.

turbotax app turbotax app turbotax app

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Nearly all DIY tax programs are accompanied by a mobile app that will allow you to import your tax information from their software to the app. This helps save time if you’ve already started your tax return this year but want to finish it on your phone.

Mobile tax apps are completely free to download and you can start preparing your return right now. The only fee you’ll pay is if you need to upgrade your tax return in correlation with how complicated your tax situation is. The most popular tax apps include the following.


2. Snap to import tax documents.

import tax documents


One of the most time consuming aspects of filing your taxes is having to input the names and numbers from your W-2 and other tax documents, into your tax software. But thanks to these mobile apps you can snap a photo of your W-2 and quickly import your income for the year.

Snapping a picture of your W-2 will save you time and make the process much more accurate as you won’t have the enter the numbers manually. If you have other income documents that need to be imported, you can save your progress on the app and then sign onto the tax website to finish the process.

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3. Go through the app questionnaire.

h&r block app questionnaire

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As you continue moving through the app, you’ll be prompted to answer questions related to your filing status, employment, life changes and any other credits or deductions you may qualify for. Did you move for a job, have a baby, or get divorced?

All of these life changes will have an impact on your tax situation, so go through these questions carefully. Take your time to answer the questions as accurately as possible, so you can qualify for the most tax savings.


4. Calculate your expenses and deductions.

quickbooks app quickbooks app quickbooks app

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Do you use accounting software like QuickBooks? Their features make it easy for you to export your transactions so you can integrate them into your tax filing process. This will allow you to get reimbursed for work-related expenses while you were on the job, take pictures of receipts for business expenses and calculate any mileage deduction you might be able to claim.

Other tax deduction apps, like iDonatedIt, help you keep track of any donations you’ve made throughout the year. When you come to this part in the questionnaire process of the mobile app, simply input the numbers from your deductions app or accounting software and watch the tax deductions add up.


5. Track your refund or payment.

irs2go app irs2go app irs2go app

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After verifying your tax information you can now file your taxes straight from your mobile phone. The next step is keeping track of the progress and tracking your refund or payment. An easy and completely secure way to track your tax refund is by using the IRS2Go mobile app. This app was developed by the Internal Revenue Service themselves so you’ll be able to get the most accurate and updated tax information possible.

As an added bonus, the app will bring up a map that shows where you can find free tax help in your local area. It also gives you links to videos and other resources from the IRS with tips for helping prepare and file your taxes.


Simplify your taxes this year by filing them straight from your mobile phone. You’ll be able to save time and ensure a much more accurate tax filing process.

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