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How To Get Free Refills At Starbucks

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May 22, 2016 · 7.6k Views

The Secret to Free Refills at Starbucks

When you’re at Starbucks next time, make sure you keep up to date with your rewards program--if you don’t have one sign up! If you frequent Starbucks, but don’t have a rewards card, this is a crucial step in getting free refills! Once you get the Green and Gold levels, you’ll be able to score free refills on your drink--but, here’s the perk, it won’t have to be the same drink you ordered in the first place. 

According to the Starbucks Rewards program, you are allowed refills once you earn enough points, but the vague descriptions of what is allowed does not prohibit you from ordering a completely new drink from the drink menu. For example, most baristas won’t bat an eye if you order for a Grande Cool Lime Refresher, and ask for a Iced Passion Tea as a refill in the same cup for both Green and Gold status members. 

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The one factor holding back this free refill, is the regulation that your refill choice has to be of equal or lesser value of the original drink you are purchasing with your rewards card. It’s still a good deal considering your choice of brewed coffee, iced coffee, hot tea and iced tea.

To get to the Green or Gold level member of the Starbucks Rewards program, enroll in the program and download the Starbucks’ app on your mobile phone. 

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