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How to Have a Galentine's Day & Palentine's Day

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February 05, 2016 · 1.7k Views


"What's Galentine's Day? Only the best day of the year!" —#LeslieKnope


Galentine’s Day is only the best day of year. Based on a episode from Parks and Recreation, Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler), forms an all-girl outing the day before Valentine’s Day. Although, you’re free to celebrate Galentine’s Day on the actual day too (treat ourselves day anyone?). Otherwise, you can also host a Palentine’s Day on the 13th and just embark on a fun adventure or plan the day out with a group of friends. Here’s Urban Dictionary’s definition for Palentine’s Day:

“February 13th. If you are single and/or sick of the commercialization of Valentine's Day, you spend this day hanging out with your best friends, eating pizza, watching movies, and playing video games.”

Watching a Lord of the Rings marathon with Chris has made this the best Palentine's Day ever.


First step, invite all your closest girlfriends or get together and plan a day together, itinerary and everything.

You know what’s even better? Make it a gifting day. Gifts are awesome. This could also mean a fun DIY project for you. We’re planning to host a Galentine’s Day ourselves and here’s our 10 picks for Galentine’s gift ideas:



1. DIY or Personalized Mugs

What a great opportunity to draw on mugs or pick a memorable picture and use an online service like Shutterfly to create your mug. If you’re pressed for time, we recommend Shutterfly because they have discounts all the time!


2. DIY Arm Knitting/Crochet Scarf

This is something new we’ve discovered while finding easy crochet tutorial to mimic Leslie’s hand-crochet flower pens gift. You can make a beautiful scarf using this arm knitting technique and it’ll only take you 30 minutes. You can pick up your choice of bulky yarn from craft stores like Joann and A.C. Moore.



3. Massage and Spa Voucher

Give the gift of experience! Treat you and your gals out for a massage, facial or spa. Our favorite place to look for for a treat yourself experience on a budget would be dun dun dun, Groupon. Look for that ‘Best of Groupon’ banner for the most popular offer in your location.




4. Beauty Gift

We personally love a cute little beauty gift. Pick up a small gift for all your gals at from Sephora! Don’t forget to check their sales online for an even better deal. You’ll also get a little extra something something for free with your order for yourself of course.




5. Chocolates (Infused with Alcohol)

Have you guys had chocolate with alcohol in it? So good! They’re pretty pricey but you can find a nice selection on Amazon. Or, just grab the Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Liquer set and enjoy them together.



6. The Ex Knife Set

If you have a girlfriend who went through a bad breakup, this may be a wonderful Galentine’s gift for her. It’s pricey but worth it.




7. A Galentine’s Day Card for Everyone

Why not? Spend a little time and write a note for each of your closest girlfriends. Plus, you can’t say no to these awesome cards from Etsy.



8. Whipped Soap

Hear us out. It’s pretty great for your skin and smells amazing too. You can purchase these whip soaps (they also have ‘fairy crystals’ soap, very very pretty) on Etsy from seller Willow and Honey. They have some pretty great names too. A jar of mermaid hugs? Sure why not!



9. Jewelry Gift

Forever21 has a nice collection of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and sunglasses that would make a perfect small gift for the girls!



10. Books

If your group is a bunch of book lovers, you really can’t beat the gift of a good book. Want to know what’s good in the book world? Head over to Goodreads for top book reviews from hundreds of avid readers.







1. Brunch/Lunch/Dinner Date

Pick a restaurant you guys love and head out for a meal together. We personally love brunch or dinner dates because… bottomless mimosas or hit the bar after.



2. Bar Hopping

You can just go bar hopping together instead. Always a good time!



3. Movie Night

Make a snack run to your local grocery mart and either stream movies from Amazon, do a Netflix binge marathon or rent a movie from Redbox. If you’re planning to Netflix, check out the February arrivals and departure plus, Mad Men season finale is coming soon…

Alternately, you can really fancy it up and have a themed movie night like Rosie over at True Blu.




4. Game Night

This is going to be sappy but play a good old fashioned round of true or dare and then throw in some board games, drinks and snacks. You’re guaranteed a good laugh with your besties. You can head over to Conversation Starters World for a list of questions or Ice Breaker Ideas has some pretty fun ones too. Write them on a strip of paper and set to buckets to choose from for each player. Some other games like Card Against Humanity, Cookie Cook Off (basically who can make the bake the best cookie!), Question Jenga and much more.



5. Potluck

Why not do a potluck together? Create your best entree, dessert and shake up your own drinks!



6. Hiking and Picnic

Put together a snack board for a picnic with a view and then go explore the great outdoors. Can’t beat a little nature venture and good company!



7. Learn Something New Together

Take a class. Kickboxing, baking bread, zumba, ballet, etc etc. Pick something you’ll all be interested in, learn something new and most of all, have fun! If you don’t know what’s around locally, your best bet will be browsing Groupon and Livingsocial. They have top local classes and activities in your area listed plus, a new discount code to use every week.



8. Amusement Parks

Live near a cool amusement park? Spend the day riding roller coasters, playing arcade games, eating cotton candy… good times, good times.



9. Road Trip

Do a quick road trip to the city or different town for the weekend! One of our favorite places in Northern California is Carmel by the Sea. Very romantic beach town getaway for couples but also a great photo op with friends.



10. Getaway for 3-Days

Instead of a quick 1-day road trip… why not plan a getaway together for all 3 days? For those who have President’s Day off work, plan a weekend trip together. Hiking, beach towns, resorts, big cities, countryside, new state and much more. Pick a place to explore!



Well, that’s all from us. Have a very Happy Galentine’s/Palentine's Day!

P.S. You can follow all of the above ideas for Palentine’s Day too of course

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