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How to Make Your Phone's Battery Life Last Longer

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Kristina ByasGuest Blogger
June 12, 2016 · 7.3k Views

Cell phones are pretty much the one accessory that everyone has no matter what they are wearing or where they are going. Not only do they take them everywhere they go, they are basically a survival item for most. Because people have become so dependant on their cell phones and are constantly using them for an array of things, it doesn't take very long for their battery to go from green to red. As your battery continues to wear down, you may be frantically searching for an outlet to plug it into to get a little bit of juice, but that isn't always possible. As an alternative, you'll have to find way to conserve your battery and keep it from dying.

Here are a few ways to make your phone battery life last longer.


1. Don't charge overnight

Source: Lifehacker

By the end of the day, your phone is probably nearing zero percent. Of course, when seeing this, you'll plug it into the charger and leave it until the morning. Maybe once in awhile this is okay, but it is not something you should get used to doing every night. Instead of charging it for almost eight hours, or however long you decide to sleep, you should plug your phone in about one or two hours before you hit the hay. This way your phone will be charged and you won't have to leave it on the charger for too long.

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2. Keep phone away from high temperatures

The warm weather has finally hit, which means people will be outside more often and taking advantage of the great weather. High temperatures may be perfect for you, but they are damaging to a lot of things, including your phone's battery. On those warm days you may be tempted to get outside and enjoy the weather, but you will want to be careful not to expose you phone to the same heat. Find a place to store your phone that won't be too hot and damage your battery.

3. Purchase a portable charger

Source: Amazon

With phones being one of the ways people communicate and even get their work done, they will need their battery to last. Obviously, if you are on the go, you won't really be able to charge your phone and keep it in on. To avoid having to run around with a low battery, you can purchase a portable charger that you can take with you everywhere you go. The perfect place to have your phone battery is between 40 and 80 percent, so you don't even need to charge your phone to 100 percent. Just enough to get you through the day until you can get home and plug it into a wall charger.

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4. Adjust your phone's settings

Certain settings on your phone play a huge part in why your battery doesn't last long. Throughout the day while you are texting, emailing and calling people you know, you are wearing your battery down. These are things you can't really avoid doing in order to help you conserve your battery, but you can turn your screen's brightness down. The brighter your screen is, the more power it is using. Play around with the brightness level until you find one that you are comfortable with, but also one that doesn't drain your battery. You can also turn off vibrate when it is not necessary.

5. Switch on Low Power Mode

Source: iMore

When you notice your phone is at less than 40 percent and running dangerously low, take advantage of your phone's Low Power Mode. This setting will keep your phone from losing battery power by disabling some of the features on your phone that suck up the most battery. It should keep you at a good level and give you just enough power to make it until your next charge.

At some point, your battery is going to completely die and there will be nothing that you can do about it. Cell phones tend to have lithium-ion batteries that only last for about 500 charge cycles, so when you are constantly charging your battery, you will reach that limit in just a few short months. You may not be able to make your phone's battery last forever, but you can maximize it and make sure it lasts its entire lifespan.


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Kristina Byas is a Milwaukee native who has written for Female Intel, Shepherd Express, Scandalous Women and more. She suffers from a severe case of wanderlust and has difficulty purchasing items at full price. You can learn more about her by following her on Twitter: @KristinaByas
DealiciousPieJun 13, 2016
Good tips! I always dim my screen, especially when I use my GPS or am reading.

When I'll be out all day with nowhere to charge, I leave my phone in airplane mode every chance I get. It saves a ton of battery.

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