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Here’s How You Should Pack Your Tech for Airport Security

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October 13, 2016 · 2.6k Views

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Going through security at the airport can be a hassle with the long lines and the fumbling of all your belongings through the X-ray machine. Knowing what to pack and how to pack your electronic devices can make the whole process go a lot smoother. You’ll be ready to go through security in a breeze and you’ll save some sanity at the same time and of course that unnecessary pat down.

These are some tips that are recommended for travelers to follow for packing their electronic devices that need to go through security that will be useful for your next trip to the airport.

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1. Think About What You Are Packing


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Keep your electronic items to a minimum. You probably don’t need to bring all of them to get by for a weekend. Only bring what you need and think about the correct and best place to pack them. Items such as laptops and DVD players need to go in your carry-on bag to be screened at security while smaller items can stay in your bag during this check. You may even want to consider packing some of these devices in your checked luggage for safety. You won’t have to lug them around the airport and worry about getting them screened as you go through security. Shop small carry-ons from top brands at Amazon for up to 70% off!


2. Know What Stays In Your Carry-On



 Not every electronic device has to be taken out of your carry-on and separately run through the X-ray machine. You can keep items like E-readers, iPads, and laptops that are 11 inches or smaller right in your bag when being processed by security. This will save you some time from rummaging around for every electronic device you pack to be screened. Just leave it in if it’s small. Keep in mind that security may ask you to take it out if it has questions as to what it is, but most of the time you will be able to leave it right where you packed it.

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3. Pack In Layers



In a rush, you may throw everything you need in your carry-on and call it a day, but packing your items in a cohesive way can save you some trouble and an unexpected search of your items. Use layers of clothes on the bottom and top of your electronic devices to ensure it doesn’t get damaged during your travels. This also helps the TSA when it does go through the X-ray machine as it can easily detect what is what in your bag. A mishmash of items can raise red flags and cause you to get detained, taking precious time that you need to get to your flight. Keep it simple and use layers to neatly pack your items. 


4. Make Your Cords Neat

cord organizer

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What do you think a pile of cords looks like in an X-ray machine? Not something you want to be associated with. Take your time and neatly secure your cords so they are not every which way in your bag. You can use Velcro or twist ties to band them together. Not only will TSA appreciate this, you’ll be able to avoid the hours it takes to detangle them when you get to your destination and need to use them. Consider investing in a travel cords organizer at Amazon from just $8!


5. Get An X-Ray Friendly Case

x ray friendly backpack


It can be a hassle to keep taking your laptop out of your carry-on bag each time you pass through security. You can avoid this with a TSA-friendly laptop case. These cases are designed to go through an X-ray machine and allow viewing of the laptop inside. TSA has approved these cases for the security process, making it a lot easier on travelers. This would be a wise investment if you travel often or don’t want to be inconvenienced during the security check-in. Brenthaven carries a line of x-ray friendly backpacks and carry-ons, take a look here.


6. Keep An Eye On Your Devices

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It can be easy to get caught up in the commotion of the security line where everyone is removing items and guiding them in trays through the X-ray machine. But, you need to keep an eye on your electronic gadgets that are passing through the X-ray machine. Someone can easily and inadvertently walk off with your laptop, mistaking it for theirs. When you are passing through security and you have your items on the belt, keep a close watch so nothing gets stolen or damaged in the process.

Knowing exactly what to pack, how to pack it and when to take it out can really streamline the security process when you have tech devices that need screening. You can move through the security line in a quicker fashion and be sure to get your destination as soon as possible. Be sure to still leave plenty of time to get through security as you just never know what to expect when you travel.

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