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How to Score Your Next Kate Spade Bag at a Discount

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September 14, 2016 · 2.3k Views

Love the look of Kate Spade, but don't want to pay full price? We've got some valuable money-saving tips and tricks you can use to find real Kate Spade apparel and accessories for less than sticker price. Many of these tips can also be used to score deals on other designer fashions. It's time to start adding more flare to your wardrobe- happy shopping!

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  1. Shop eBay and Amazon.


    Okay, this tip is a no-brainer, but Amazon and eBay are the two first stores you should look at when hunting for genuine Kate Spade items. It may take a little hard searching to find new or gently used items for less, but the search is worth it. When you're searching for any designer items on an open online marketplace, you should always pay attention to the seller's ratings. Never settle for anything less than 99% postive feedback ratings, and never buy something you have second thoughts about. Another important factor to consider is the store's return policy. If any online retailer has a strict return policy or doesn't accept returned items, it's best to not to purchase from that store.

     Visit our Amazon and eBay coupon pages for more savings.

  2. Shop Kate Spade Outlet.


    If you're fortunate enough to live near an outlet mall with a Kate Spade store, you should pay a visit. You'll find many high-quality and stylish designer pieces at a fraction of the cost. Before you make a trek to your local outlet, be sure to search for coupon offers that may help you save more. Some outlet malls offer coupon books, so be sure to check your outlet's website prior to the trip.

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  3. Shop Kate Spade's onine sales.


    If you don't live near an outlet or you just don't feel like driving several miles to the nearest outlet mall,  check out the official Kate Spade website and browse the sales page instead. Here you will find lots of great discounts on handbags, jewelry, and more. You can also score free shipping and returns if you live in the United States.

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  4. Shop Flash Sales.

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    Some flash sale websites offer limited deals on Kate Spade clothes and accessories. Gilt, HauteLook, and Zulily offer frequent sales on designer items including Kate Spade. All you have to do is sign up for free and you'll get emails on upcoming sales right in your inbox.

     Check out our coupon pages for Gilt, HauteLook, and Zulily.

  5. Shop consignment shops.


    Savvy fashionistas who don't mind spotting a diamond in the rough should check out upscale vintage and consignment shops for older Kate Spade pieces. Sometimes you can score real deals on quality pieces, especially if you know where to look. Ocassionally, you may even find brand new merchandise if the store picks up clothes from local boutiques that go out of business. In general, it's best to use the same critical eye you would use shopping eBay.

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  6. Consider knock-offs.


    If you're on a seriously tight budget or you don't feel comforable spending a lot of money on genuine designer goods, maybe you should shop for knock-offs. There are many popular retail and mall stores that sell stylish items that look similar to Kate Spade's designs. When it comes to wearing any knock-off, it's recommended you pair it up with a genuine designer piece to complement the entire look and make it appear as if you're wearing something more expensive.

  7. Shop discounted Kate Spade Bags at eBags.


    Bring up your handbag game with a stylish new handbag from Kate Spade and save money in the process by purchasing it from a discount online retailer like eBags. You'll find many stylish bags, wallets, jewelry, accessories and more. With prices as low as these prices, you may able to buy more than one item. Other similar websites you will find Kate Spade on a discount include 6PM, Nordstrom, and Nordstrom Rack.

     Click here to visit our eBags, 6PM, Nordstrom, and Nordstrom Rack coupon pages.


Every fashionista deserves the chance to indulge in all her style-related fancies. That said, you don't really need to spend a lot of money to make your designer dreams a reality. These top tips will help you save serious money on Kate Spade and almost every other designer you love. Save these tips for yourself and share them with all your friends!

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