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How To Shop With A Baby: 15 Important Tips & Tricks

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May 07, 2016 · 3.5k Views

You love your kids, but shopping with them is another story.... Between meetings, work, practice and social outings, moms are always in toe to the next place. And often those trips include a kiddo tagging along. And that can be daunting. Children, as we know, are often impatient, fussy and can what could be a ten minute trip to the grocery store or an hour-long trip to the mall an all-day ordeal. This kind of interaction can be stressful and even destructive for parents and onlookers. Rather than endure the trip and accept hair-pulling situations, there are answers. There is hope. There is life after meltdowns. 


1. Pack snacks ahead of time.

Because two things are certain: they are going to say they're hungry, and say they need to use the bathroom. This could be a great time to pack healthier snacks like grapes or apple slices, and distract their attention from shopping to nutritious snacks. 

2. Go to the restroom first.

Which brings me to my next point, go the restroom first! Do not pass, do not take $200. Before picking a piece of produce or bargaining, GO TO THE BATHROOM. 

3. Park close to the "Return Shopping Cart" spaces.

It eliminates awkward cart abandonedment or having to be away from your kids. 

4. Steer clear of germs.

Germs can become a mom's kryptonite. Combat them by cutting a pool noodle, and covering up the cart's handle. 

5. Map out where you need to go in the grocery store.

I personally choose to list my grocery needs by aisle/store location. So I grab all my produce at once, all my bread at once, all my seasoning at once

6. Avoid the candy aisle.

That's it. Just say no. 

7. Make the butcher your best friend.

Seriously! They can chop and cut all your meats! Allow them to trim the fat, cut pieces into bite-sized nuggets, and whatever else will make the cooking preparation for you run smoother when you get home! 

8. It's a cheap move, but bribery can help.

My mom promised me a sprinkled cookie if I was well-behaved every time we went to the mall. (Warning: I now can never see a sugar cookie without thinking of the mall. And I can never go to the mall without buying a sugar cookie. But I'm a well-behaved adult, so there's that!) 

9. Do the twist!

Know those little elastic ties at the end of bread? Take one with you, and let your kid make shapes out of it. Hey, it's better (and cheaper) than an iPad. 

10. Know the Target markdowns.

Target puts the following sections on clerance:

  • Monday: Electionics
  • Tuesday: Domestic goods
  • Wednesday: Mens clothing
  • Thursday: Shoes, lingerie
  • Friday: Cosmetics 

......I'm no hero. 

11. Go to the farmer's market on Sunday with the kids.

You get the produce they are looking to get rid of (aka willing to sell cheaper), they get Vitamin D, and everybody wins! 

12. Use the involvement technique.

Put two kinds of bread, or cereal, or anything really, and ask the children, "Which should Mommy buy?" Most children want to feel involved and want their opinion valued. 

13. Keep mist bottles in the car or on hand.

Cars get very hot sitting in the parking lot, and we all (moms included!) need a little cool-down before driving home!

14. Have an action plan for tantrums.

And vocalize it before getting into the store. 

15. Use "when/there" language to set boundaries.

"When we get to the clothing section, then you walk around." "When we get to the cash register, then I'll let you out of the cart."

Parents, do you have any secret tricks to keep your kids behavior controlled during grocery runs? We want to know!


maureenrose41May 07, 2016
where are the macys coupon?
dtran5May 09, 2016
Hi! You can find Macy's coupons here:

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